Shipping Charges

ShippingLast month, USPS rate changes went into effect which increased our cost of shipping packages an average of about 10%.

This is the second major rate increase by the USPS since Bracha and I began operating in 2009.

Also, since 2009, the other major carriers, UPS and FedEx, have increased rates. In particular, they made the size packages a greater factor in the cost of shipping. This especially affected us because model rocket kits and parts tend to be lightweight so the cost of shipping increased more than it would have for heavier items.

These increased costs hit us twice since we pay the shipping cost for most of the items we receive as well as the ones we ship.

So far, we have absorbed the cost of these increases with only a modest rise in our fixed shipping charge and “Free Shipping in the US for orders of $40 or more” offer.

These increases in shipping charges have forced us to increase our shipping and handling charges.  Our standard shipping and handling charge is now $8.95 (about an 8%) increase. Our free shipping to US addresses now requires an order of $48 or greater. This is our first increase in shipping and handling charges since we took over in 2009.

We tried to keep the increases as small as possible while still allowing us to provide the quality service that you have come to expect from