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Extra-Long Model Rocket Kits

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Estes Mean Machine Model Rocket Kit (OOP)

Mean Machine Model Rocket Kit (OOP)

The Estes Mean Machine is a staggering 6 1/2 feet tall. It provides slow majestic flights. The Mean Machine comes with an adapter that allows it to...
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FlisKits Richter Recker Model Rocket Kit

Richter Recker Model Rocket Kit

The Richter Recker is a seven-foot tall rocket that flies on a cluster of three motors.  This giant features slow, realistic lift-offs.
Our Price: $43.95

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Aerospace Speciality Products Tall Boy (24mm) Model Rocket Kit

Tall Boy (24mm) Model Rocket Kit

ASP's Tall Boy is designed so that you can fly it in one of four configurations. This mean machine's modular design makes it easy to transport. The...
Save: 12%
Our Price: $35.25

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Semroc Thunderstorm Model Rocket Kit

Thunderstorm Model Rocket Kit

Over six-foot tall, Semroc's ThunderStorm is sure to attract attention. The kit features through-the-wall fins and comes with a nylon parachute.
Save: 6%
Our Price: $46.99

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