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Length (in) in range 18.45...18.55

    Chuter 2 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Chuter 2 Model Rocket Kit (18.5000)

    The Estes Chuter 2 features dual parachutes which bring this classic rocket back to Earth in style after blasting off to heights of up to 900 feet. The unique fin design and colorful body of the Chuter-Two make it a great rocket for anyone.

    Estes has gone back to the archives and pulled up old drawings and spec sheets to bring back this vintage design. The kit has been reproduced and updated while retaining the classic lines of the original. The Chuter-Two kit contains high-quality body tubes, a balsa nose cone, and laser-cut balsa fins.

    Plasma Probe Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Plasma Probe Model Rocket Kit (18.5000)

    The Estes Plasma Probe captures the futuristic design of Centuri kits from the 1970s.

    Solaris Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Solaris Model Rocket Kit (18.5000)

    Bright colors and a colorful parachute make this easy-to-build rocket easy to track in the sky.

    Space Crater Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Space Crater Model Rocket Kit (18.5000)

    The Space Crater is an easy introduction to egg-lofting. With pre-colored parts and a self-stick decal, the Space Crater is a quick build.

    RM-2 Research Missile 2 Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium RM-2 Research Missile 2 Model Rocket Kit (18.5000)

    The US developed the Research Missile 2 (RM-2) to study supersonic drag. Several vehicles were built to research the effects of fin shape and sweep on drag.

    The unique design of this model rocket will make it stand out at any launch. There are a total of four fins, and two large wings. Don't let those wings fool you, the RM2 flies as straight as can be.

    Rocketarium's Research Missile 2 model rocket kit has a boat tail which is cut from a cardstock template and shaped by the modeler. This makes the RM2 a Skill Level 4 kit. Otherwise it builds more like a Level 2 or 3 kit. The kit comes with enough balsa wood to cut the four fins and two large wings. Also included are three plywood centering rings, body tube, motor mount, nose cone, and parachute kit.

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