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    RP-3 (24mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products RP-3 (24mm) Model Rocket Kit (22.0000)

    The RP-3 was an unguided experimental Polish rocket. Earlier versions of the RP series were used for diverse purposes such as wind studies and carrying "Rocket Mail." The RP-3 was first built in 1963 and stood over seven feet tall.

    ASP's scale model is 22" tall. This unique-looking kit is a sturdy model for D and E powered flights, yet it is still light enough to fly on selected 18mm engines with a motor adapter (not included). The kit includes laser-cut ply fins, balsa nose cone, and decal. Many who own this kit count it among their favorites.

    Ricochet Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Ricochet Model Rocket Kit (22.0000)

    This Skill Level 1 rocket is part of Estes's "Basic Builder Series."It is simple to build and paint, but features distinctive Air-to-Air missile styling. The Ricochet flies up to 1125 feet on a C motor.

    Mini Batray Model Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Mini Batray Model Rocket Kit (22.0000)

    Laser-cut "bat" fins give the Madcow Mini Batray its distinctive look. This slightly smaller cousin of the Batray kit includes a fiberglass nose cone, pre-slotted body tube, nylon parachute, a parachute protector, and a 29mm motor mount.

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