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    Multi-Roc Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Multi-Roc Model Rocket Kit (25.0000)

    The Estes Multi-Roc flying model rocket kit lets you do it all. Fly it as a a single-stage, payloader, two-stage ... even release a glider at apogee.

    This parts-packed kit has everything you need to fly six different ways. Fly to 1200 feet as a dual-stage rocket or stay closer to Earth with a single-stage launch. Plug in the payload section, or boost the all-balsa glider to altitude. No other model rocket kit —gives you so many options for high-flying fun,

    Space Corps Corvette Class Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Space Corps Corvette Class Model Rocket Kit (25.0000)

    The Corvette Class military spacecraft is the first release in a new series of Space Corps model rocket kits from Estes series. This small, but fierce, reconnaissance vessel can travel to the far reaches of our solar system at near light speed to gather intelligence and intercept any threats when needed. The battle-ready Corvette can soar up to 650 feet on a C6-5 engine and will garner the attention of on-lookers on and off the flying field. As mankind further explores the exosphere, space enthusiasts and rocketeers from around the world will race to build and collect their own Space Corps military fleet.

    Farside-X Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Farside-X Model Rocket Kit (25.0000)

    Estes introduced its Farside three-stage rocket in their 1964 catalog. Semroc offers the design to a new generation of flyers with their Farside-X kit. This kit includes a precision-turned nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins, waterslide decals, and a parachute for recovery.

    USS America Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc USS America Model Rocket Kit (25.0000)

    Semroc's USS America is based on the Centuri kit from the mid 1970s.

    NSL 2015 Commemorative Sky Wolf Rocket Kit

    SkyPyrates Rocketry NSL 2015 Commemorative Sky Wolf Rocket Kit (25.0000)

    The split-fin Sky Wolf is a high-performance, mid-power rocket.  Sleek and strong, with a 29mm motor mount, the Sky Wolf flies on D through H motors.

    The Sky Wolf kit features pre-cut plywood fins, heavy-duty body tubes, a Kevlar shock cord, a nylon parachute, and a vinyl decal.

    Produced to commemorate the 2015 National Sport Launch, this is a limited edition kit.

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