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Length (in) in range 27.75...27.85

    Striker AGM Model Rocket Kit

    Quest Aerospace Striker AGM Model Rocket Kit (27.7500)

    Quest Aerospace's Striker AGM is an impressive scale-like missile which stands over 27 inches tall. The kit features a unique molded boat-tail and plastic nose cone. The laser-cut balsa fins make assembly easy and there's a big water-slide decal sheet providing lots of visual details.

    Sandia Sandhawk Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium Sandia Sandhawk Model Rocket Kit (27.8000)

    The Sandia Corporation developed the Sandhawk sounding rocket to conduct research missions for the Atomic Energy Commission.

    Rocketarium's kit models the single-stage configuration of the Sandhawk.  The finished rocket stands 37.8" tall and has a 1.637" body diameter.

    This Skill Level 3 kit includes details such as fin plates and fin brackets which you cut from card stock using the templates included with the kit.

    The kit features a translucent nose cone, BT60 body tubes, tube coupler, balsa sheets, a motor mount, and a parachute kit for recovery.

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