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    Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit (0.6000)

    ASP's Theta 13 is an easy-to-build kit for beginners and a great sport flier for modelers of any experience level. With laser-cut balsa fins, a balsa nose cone, and streamer recovery, the Theta 13 flies on economical 13mm "Mini" engines.

    Gryphon Boost Glider Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Gryphon Boost Glider Model Rocket Kit (0.6000)

    Meeting all expectations set by its legendary name, the Gryphon model glider kit is the "King of the Air." The Gryphon soars to a height of 700 feet on an A10-3T engine. Upon reaching apogee a colorful streamer acts as a tracking and recovery device to slowly return the body of the rocket to earth while the Gryphon's glider floats majestically across the sky.

    Made from lightweight paper tubing and laser-cut balsa, the Gryphon is a great next step beyond a beginner rocket. In about two hours (plus painting time) rocketeers will build a rocket that will garner attention in both the air and when on display.

    Hex 3 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Hex 3 Model Rocket Kit (0.6000)

    Estes's Hex 3 is a unique kit requiring "unique paper folding" to build. The Hex 3 flies on 18-mm booster motors.

    Viking Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 Kits)

    Estes Viking Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 Kits) (0.6000)

    The Estes Viking can be easily assembled with 48 possible different fin configurations. The kit\'s five special, die-cut card stock fins allow you to create a rocket that\'s truly unique. Take your pick on how you want your rocket to look; fins up, fins down or fins whatever way. You call it, it\'s your day to be the rocket designer.

    Customize your own matter how you place the fins, it still offers the ultimate in high performance model rocket flight. This Skill Level 1 rocket kit includes a single-piece body tube, molded nose cone, and self-stick decals.

    The Viking is just over 12 inches tall. When flown on standard engines, the Viking is able to reach amazing launch heights over 1600 feet and land safely with its bright orange streamer.

    The versatile Viking can be built in an afternoon and is a great rocket for beginners, class projects, clubs and rocket demonstrations.

    Vortico Odd-Roc Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium Vortico Odd-Roc Model Rocket Kit (0.5500)

    Looking for something different? Give this oddroc a whirl! The Vortico shoots straight up into the sky and starts spinning. That motion results in helicoptering on the way down for a smooth landing. This oddroc consists of seven pre-cut plywood pieces, motor tube, and launch lug. The clearly illustrationed instructions make the Vortico rocket easy to assemble. The Vortico doesn't land far from where it took off. This is a great rocket for a launch site with a small recovery area.

    This rocket should not be flown on windy days. Use a short (1 foot) launch rod

    Baby Orion Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Baby Orion Model Rocket Kit (0.6000)

    Semroc's Baby Orion is a scaled-down version of the classic Centuri Orion kit from the 1970s.

    Bat Rok Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Bat Rok Model Rocket Kit (0.6000)

    Semroc's Bat Rok is a reproduction of the 1968 kit released by Centuri.

    Javelin Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Javelin Model Rocket Kit (0.6000)

    Semroc's Javelin is a "retro-reproduction" of the classic Centuri kit from the 1960s. The kit includes a percision-turned balsa nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins, and water-slide decals. A parachute is used for recovery.

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