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    Kappa-7-1 (18mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Kappa-7-1 (18mm) Model Rocket Kit (1.2300)

    The Kappa-7 was designed as a booster for Japan's later Kappa-8 and Kappa-9 rockets as well as being used as a single-stage sounding rocket. It was determined, however, that the vehicle was unsuitable as a single-stage rocket. The lone Kappa-7 flight was made on November 18, 1959 to confirm the motor's suitability as a booster. 

    ASP's model of one of Japan's early sounding rockets makes a great beginner's kit. Capable of flying on a wide range of engines, this great looking and great flying model can be flown on practically any size field.

    M320 Model Rocket Kit

    Custom Rocket M320 Model Rocket Kit (1.2000)

    The M320 is a scale-like missile. The kit features an injection-molded plastic nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins, streamer recovery, pressure-sensitive decals, and quick-release engine mount.

    Alpha III Launch Set

    Estes Alpha III Launch Set (1.2000)

    The Estes Alpha III Launch set includes the classic, easy-to-build Alpha III model rocket kit, a launch pad, and a controller.

    Alpha III Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Alpha III Model Rocket Kit (1.2000)

    The Alpha III's plastic fin assembly makes building the kit quick, easy, and almost foolproof.

    Alpha III Model Rocket Kit Bulk Pack (12)

    Estes Alpha III Model Rocket Kit Bulk Pack (12) (1.2000)

    This educator bulk pack contains 12 Alpha III kits. The Alpha III is one of the most reliable, easiest to build rockets. It features a dynamic look - a gloss black body tube with a fluorescent orange plastic fin unit and nose cone. The Alpha III requires no painting.

    Chuter 2 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Chuter 2 Model Rocket Kit (1.2000)

    The Estes Chuter 2 features dual parachutes which bring this classic rocket back to Earth in style after blasting off to heights of up to 900 feet. The unique fin design and colorful body of the Chuter-Two make it a great rocket for anyone.

    Estes has gone back to the archives and pulled up old drawings and spec sheets to bring back this vintage design. The kit has been reproduced and updated while retaining the classic lines of the original. The Chuter-Two kit contains high-quality body tubes, a balsa nose cone, and laser-cut balsa fins.

    Lynx Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Lynx Model Rocket Kit (1.2000)

    Powered by the more-economical Estes mini-engines, the Lynx is a challenging kit to build that will reward you with its futuristic style and great flights.

    Mini Honest John Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mini Honest John Model Rocket Kit (1.2000)

    The Estes Mini Honest John is a mini-engine-powered sport scale model of the U.S. battle field artillery missile. The kit features a detailed molded nose cone and laser-cut balsa fins. Simple to build, the resulting model features plenty of detail that you will be proud to display.

    Herc 5 Model Rocket Kit

    FlisKits Herc 5 Model Rocket Kit (1.2000)

    FlisKits created this flying scale model of one of the United Solar Planetary Federation's most unique spaceships - the Herc 5.

    The Herc 5 is an intragalactic cruise ship.  FlisKits has captured its flowing design with interlocking tube fins. Somewhat challenging to build, the Herc 5 is a unique model rocket kit which will look great on the shelf and at a launch.

    Parachute - 30" Standard Thin Mill Nylon

    Top Flight Parachute - 30" Standard Thin Mill Nylon (1.2000)

    Constructed with 1.1 oz. rip-stop nylon, this quality 30" parachute fits into tighter spaces than the regular Top Flight 30" parachute.

    Top Flight Recovery recommends their 30" parachute for rockets weighing 1.75 to 3 pounds.

    All of our thin mill parachutes are "International Orange" (reddish) in color.

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