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Weight (oz) in range 1.82...1.92

    JBR-013 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes JBR-013 Model Rocket Kit (1.9000)

    Estes's JBR-013 features laser-cut wood fins which you assemble. The JBR-013 flies on standard engines and can reach heights of 775 feet.

    Jetliner Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Jetliner Model Rocket Kit (1.9000)

    The Estes Jetliner will remind long-time rocketeers of the Goonybirds series of rockets from the 1970s.

    Sky Cruiser Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Sky Cruiser Model Rocket Kit (1.9000)

    The Estes Sky Cruiser is an easy-to-assemble model rocket kit featuring a plastic fin unit and self-stick decals.

    F-16 Model Rocket Kit

    Odd'l Rockets F-16 Model Rocket Kit (1.8700)

    Based on the classic Centuri F-16 Fighter kit of the late 1970s, the Odd'l Rockets F-16 features a heavy BT-50 body tube, clear canopy, laser-cut fins, and simulated missiles and wing-tip fuel tanks.

    Black Brant III 1/10 Scale Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium Black Brant III 1/10 Scale Model Rocket Kit (1.8600)

    Rocketarium's scale model kit of the Black Brant III Canadian-designed sounding rocket includes vinyl and water-slide decals and features an ejection baffle (no wadding required). The kit comes with laser-cut plywood centering rings and fins and a 12" plastic parachute kit.

    Black Brant IIIB (NASA) Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium Black Brant IIIB (NASA) Model Rocket Kit (1.8600)

    Rocketarium's 1/10th scale model of the Canadian Black Brant sounding rocket features extra-durable tubes, laser-cut rings and fins, and an ejection baffle. Recovery is by parachute. Vinyl and water-slide decals are included to help you finish the rocket in NASA livery.

    Arcon Hi Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Arcon Hi Model Rocket Kit (1.9000)

    Semroc's Archon-Hi is a model of the two-stage sounding rocket developed by the Atlantic Research Corp. for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. Semroc's kit is based on Centuri's semi-scale Archon-Hi kit.

    MX-774 Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc MX-774 Model Rocket Kit (1.9000)

    Semroc's MX-774 is a 1/20th semi-scale flying model of the RTV-A-2 Hiroc (as it was later called), the US's first attempt at an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

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