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    Citation Series Patriot Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Citation Series Patriot Model Rocket Kit (3.2000)

    A true Estes Classic has returned. The Citation Patriot is launched on B and C engines going up to about 600 feet. High-quality waterslide decals, laser-cut balsa fins, laser-cut cardstock centering rings, and a pre-assembled 18 -nch parachute add to the beauty of this simple Skill Level 1 builder's kit.

    Flip Flyer Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Flip Flyer Model Rocket Kit (3.2000)

    The Estes Flip Flyer is an easy-to-assemble kit featuring parachute and helicopter recovery. The nose of the rocket returns to earth under a parachute while the body deploys rotors and returns like a helicopter.

    Little Joe I Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Little Joe I Model Rocket Kit (3.2000)

    The Little Joe booster was the first rocket designed solely for manned spacecraft qualifications and to measure critical parameters at higher altitudes. The Estes 1/34th scale Little Joe stands almost 18 inches tall and launches to 400 feet on a C6-5 engine. Other features include a plastic Mercury capsule and engine nozzles, precision laser-cut balsa, printed card-stock fins, high-quality waterslide decals, and a colorful 15-inch parachute for "safe reentry." The Little Joe 1 will soon be in stock for an exciting holiday gift that every rocketeer will want to build and proudly display.

    Superbird Model Rocket Kit

    Quest Aerospace Superbird Model Rocket Kit (3.2100)

    The Quest Super Bird Model Rocket is the perfect vehicle for long, slow and impressive flights. With an 800 ft. maximum altitude and dual parachutes the Super Bird model rocket is as interesting to watch coming down as going up!

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