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    Fractured Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Fractured Model Rocket Kit (3.7000)

    Easily assembled and ready for flight quickly, the Fractured doesn't require any painting. It flies up to 550 feet on a C6-3 or C6-5 engine. Add the Booster-60 accessory (sold separately) for two-stage flights.

    Mercury Redstone Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mercury Redstone Model Rocket Kit (3.7000)

    Estes's scale model of the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury spacecraft and its Redstone booster features plastic parts, wooden fins, and waterslide decals.

    Xarconian Cruiser Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Xarconian Cruiser Model Rocket Kit (3.7000)

    The next generation in planetary defense is the Xarconian Cruiser. It is capable of both planetary and space flight. The cruiser's Hyper-Plasma engine pods serve as booth propulsion and offensive weaponry.

    Estes's flying model of this future interplanetary spaceship contains many details that a craftsman modeler will enjoy. This Skill Level 5 rocket flies over 500 feet and returns safely to earth under an 18-inch parachute.

    KSR-420S Scale Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium KSR-420S Scale Model Rocket Kit (3.7000)

    The KSR-420S Sounding Rocket is a Korean sounding rocket once used to gather data on ozone concentration over the Korean peninsula. The KSR-420S also carried a highly-specialized device to measure micro gravity. In somewhat less peaceful times, the KSR-420S could be modified to carry a 200kg destructive payload over a considerable distance.

    This sport-scale model of the KSR-420S flies on a cluster of three 18mm model rocket motors As a Skill Level 2 kit, the KSR-420S is easy to build. This makes it a great choice for rocketeers new to clustering.

    SS-520 Cluster Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium SS-520 Cluster Model Rocket Kit (3.7000)

    Rocketarium's SS-520 Cluster Rocket is a single-staged, sport-scale model of a Japanese sounding rocket. The real SS-520 is a two-stage rocket, the kit is single stage.

    The real SS-520 rockets can reach altitudes of 800 km to conduct scientific experiments and gather data. This flying model rocket doesn't go quite as high. It does, however, fly on a cluster of two 18mm motors for added fun and excitement.

    The kit's self-adhesive decal sheet includes fin wraps, lettering, and body wraps. The nose cone and antennae area (right below the nose cones) need to be painted.

    SLS Lil Augie Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc SLS Lil Augie Model Rocket Kit (3.7000)

    Originally, the Lil’ Augie was released as a free plan #10 in Estes's Model Rocket News in the Fall of 1962. Semroc's kit is loosely based on that rocket, but up-scaled to take advantage of the 29mm black powder motors that are now available.

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