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    Show Stopper Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Show Stopper Model Rocket Kit (4.0000)

    The Estes Show Stopper is almost ready to fly when you receive it.  It features a bright chrome body and files on 24mm C and D motors for impressive lift-offs.

    Planet Probe Model Rocket Kit

    Quest Aerospace Planet Probe Model Rocket Kit (4.0000)

    Fun to fly and easy to build, the cone-shaped Planet Probe rocket is perfect for small flying areas.

    The Planet Probe features gentle tumble recovery. No recovery wadding is required, so the Planet Probe is easy and quickly prepared for flight.

    Some tips for building the Planet Probe:

    The shroud is pre-printed on one side, but is plain white on the other. As an alternative to using the pre-printed side, you can flip the shroud over and use the white side. The white side may be decorated, before or after assembly, with paint or markers.

    Gluing the cardstock internal fins to the motor mount tube can be challenging. To make it easier, lightly sand both the root edges of each fin and the places on the motor tube where the fins will be glued. Redraw the lines on the motor tube after sanding. Sanding the surfaces gives a slightly rougher finish which allows the glue to adhere better. Apply a light bead of glue along the line on motor tube. Stick the root edge of the fin to the glue. Pull the fin away and wait a few seconds. Then stick it back in place. Hold the fin in place for a while until it is steady before trying to glue the next fin.

    An alternative way to attach the fins to the motor tube is to use a thin bead of CA ("Super") glue. Be careful when aligning the fin and pressing it into the glue because the glue will grab instantly. Let the glue dry for an hour or two then apply a fillit of white or wood glue along each fin's edge as described in the kit's instructions.

    Planet Probe Model Rocket Kit Bulk Pack (12)

    Quest Aerospace Planet Probe Model Rocket Kit Bulk Pack (12) (4.0000)

    The easy-to-assemble Planet Probe features a pre-printed aeroshroud. This bulk package includes twelve (12) Planet Probe kits.

    Aphelion Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Aphelion Model Rocket Kit (4.0000)

    Semroc's Aphelion is a recreation of their classic kit. The Aphelion was first released by Semroc in 1968. Semroc's fourth production kit was included in a "Beginner's Special" with a launch controller, launch pad, and three engines. This kit does not include the launch controller, launch pad, and engines, but it improves on the original with a slotted body tube and through-the-wall fins.

    Astron Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Astron Model Rocket Kit (4.0000)

    The Astron is an excellent beginner's kit with laser-cut fins and a balsa nose cone.

    Parachute - 50" Standard Nylon

    Top Flight Parachute - 50" Standard Nylon (4.0000)

    Top Flight's parachutes are top quality. They are made of ripstop nylon. This is a 50" diameter parachute made of rip-stop nylon.

    Top Flight Recovery recommends their 50" parachute for rockets weighing 7 to 9 pounds.

    The color of the parachute may vary.

    These parachutes are available in red, blue, black, white, purple, neon pink, neon yellow, neon orange, and neon green.  But, we do not stock all of the colors all of the time. If you desire a specific color, please let us know. But, understand that shipment of your order may be delayed if we do not have the desired color in stock.

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