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Weight (oz) in range 4.65...4.75

    MIRV Model Rocket Kit

    Estes MIRV Model Rocket Kit (4.7000)

    Enter the world of Multiple Re-Entry Vehicles with the Estes MIRV. The angular design of the model allows three independently powered rockets to separate from the booster which then climb to out-of-sight flights.

    This model includes light-weight foam and specially-molded plastic parts along with laser-cut wood fins. Recovery of the three upper stages is by “High Drag Recovery” which allows them to float gently back to Earth.

    PLEASE NOTE: This rocket requires four engines to launch - one B6-0 (or C6-0) and three A10-3Ts.

    Savage Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Savage Model Rocket Kit (4.7000)

    The Estes Savage is an easy-to-build two-stage rocket. It provides an excellent introduction to multi-stage rocketry.

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