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    Super Neon XL Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Super Neon XL Model Rocket Kit (6.8000)

    The Estes Super Neon XL is a large, impressive rocket. It's space-age multi-tube fin design provides superior flight stability and a one-of-a-kind look. The Super Neon XL is a gigantic, more-powerful upscaled version of the Estes Super Neon.

    The Super Neon XL features laser cut wood parts, a high-quality wood nose cone, neon waterslide decals, and top quality Estes body tubes. These features combine to guarantee outstanding flight performance. Towering over most rockets at 37 inches, the XL lifts off on powerful Estes D and E engines. It returns smoothly to earth under a vivid 24-inch parachute.

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