Rewards Points Program

Note: The new web site currently does not display your Rewards Points or allow you to redeem them. We are working to restore this functionality. In the mean time, your orders are being recorded and Rewards Points will be awarded to all orders.

As a way to thank our loyal customers for coming back to shop at, we’ve developed the Rewards Points program.

When you shop online at you will earn Rewards Points.

Earning Points

You earn one Rewards Point for every twenty dollars you spend. If your order total* is under $20, you will earn one point. If the total is $20 or more, but less than $40, you will earn two points. And, so on.

$0 to $20 = 1 point
$20 to $40 = 2 points
$40 to $60 = 3 points
$60 to $80 = 4 points
... ...       ...

Occasionally, we will offer other ways for you to earn points.

Using Points

You can redeem your points for credit in your Gift Certificate account. Each point that you redeem adds one dollar to your Gift Certificate balance.  You can use your Gift Certificate balance to pay for purchases at or use credit in the account to send a gift certificate to someone else by email.

We’re working on ideas for other exciting ways that you will be able to use your points in the future. So, you can choose to convert them to credit in your Gift Certificate account now, or you can choose to save them to use later.

Viewing Your Rewards Points Balance and History

Log in using the link at the top of the page at  Be sure that you log in using the email address and password that you last used when you placed an order at  Then click the "My Account" link at the top of the page.  On the My Account page, you will see your Rewards Points total displayed as well as a link to View or redeem your Rewards Points on the Rewards Points page. On the Rewards Points page, you will see a history of changes to your Rewards Points account balance as well as the current balance. Also on the page is a form for converting your points into dollars in your Gift Certificate account.

A few people have created multiple accounts throughout the years.  We’ve tried to merge them into a single account for each customer with the most-recently used email address and password.  If you have any problems logging into your existing account, please Contact Us.

The Obligatory Small Print

* Rewards points awarded are based on the total of the order less taxes, shipping, discounts, and any gift certificate balance applied to the order. Rewards points are not earned on purchases of Gift Certificates. Rewards Points are added to your account when your order ships. Returns and refunds may result in points being removed from your account or an adjustment of your Gift Certificate balance. Remember to brush after each meal. Your Rewards Points and/or Gift Certificate balance may be adjusted to reflect the total of multiple orders if they are placed within a short period of time. The Rewards Point program is subject to change or cancellation at any time. Rewards points have no cash value.