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Model Rocket Kits By Manufacturer


BMS produces "clone kits" reproducing classic kits from the past as well as kits designed by Peter Alway of Saturn Press.


Custom Rockets produces high-quality model rocket kits at reasonable prices.

DFR Technologies

DFR Technologies produces a series of challenging scale models based on commercial launch vehicles.

Dr. Zooch

Dr. Zooch produces a series of "ant scale" flying model rocket kits.


Estes is the oldest and largest model rocket company. Estes produces a wide-range of kits, from Ready-To-Fly rockets for beginners to challenging scale models.


FlisKits produces a series of unique model rocket kits including exotic futuristic kits.

Odd'l Rockets

Odd'l Rockets produces a number of unusual model rocket kits - most designed to fly in small fields.


Quest Aerospace produces a range of kits from easy-to-build rockets with plastic fin units to challenging scale models.


Rocketariums produces a line of quality kits, most are scale models of missiles and sounding rockets.

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