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Body Tube - BT-70 - 18" Long - Model Rocket Part Body Tube - BT-70 - 18" Long - Model Rocket Part

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This is a standard BT-70 diameter kraft white body tube for model rockets.

  • Length:18 in
  • Inside Diameter: 2.175 in
  • Outside Diameter: 2.217 in

  • Model: BT-70-18
  • 117 Units in Stock
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday July 2, 2009.

Model Rocket Body Tubes

Our model rocket body tubes are thin-walled, white or natural-color, kraft paper tubes coated with glassine. These are the same kinds of cardboard body tubes you find in most model rocket kits.

We offer 18" tubes in standard diameters:

BT-20.255 inches0.281 inches
BT-50.518 inches0.544 inches
BT-200.710 inches0.736 inches
BT-500.950 inches0.976 inches
BT-551.283 inches1.325 inches
BT-601.595 inches1.637 inches
BT-702.175 inches2.217 inches
BT-802.560 inches2.600 inches

A 13mm model rocket motor fits in a BT-5 tube. An 18mm motor fits in a BT-20 tube. A 24mm motor fits in a BT-50 tube.

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