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Juno II Model Rocket Kit

Dr. Zooch Juno II Model Rocket Kit

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Perhaps the most un-glamorized booster ever produced by von Braun’s team at Army Ballistic Missile Agency (ABMA) was the Juno II. Only ten of these vehicles were launched in a two and one half year period and only four of those flights were able to be called successful.

By the end of 1958 the von Braun team, on behalf of the newly created NASA, assembled and launched the first Juno II from Pad 5 at Cape Canaveral. NASA was itching to go from space planning to space flying and the Juno II, although developed by the ABMA, would give the public appearance of being a NASA vehicle and NASA project. The first launch of a Juno II, on December 6, 1958, lofted the Pioneer III probe. Thereafter, the vehicle’s track record gets fairly dismal with only three of the next nine flights officially considered successful. In the end the Juno II was simply a vehicle that was quickly passed by as spaceflight technology experienced an explosive growth.

The Juno II now holds the record as being NASA’s least successful launch vehicle. So, if you get more than four fully successful flights out of your Juno II, you’ll be doing better with your Juno II than either NASA or ABMA did with theirs!


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