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Robert Goddard's L-13 Model Rocket Kit

FlisKits Robert Goddard's L-13 Model Rocket Kit

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From 1936 to 1939, Robert Goddard flew his K and L series of rockets. Attempting to build and test larger rockets, Goddard suffered a number of failures. Finally, he settled on a smaller and lighter rocket designed to attain higher altitudes.

The L-13 was the result of this effort. On March 26, 1937, Goddard's L-13 flew to an altitude of 2700 meters.

This 1:5.5 sport scale model of Goddard's L-13 rocket is easy to build and will provide you with a very nice looking reproduction of this famous rocket. Turning in outstanding flights on all motors, the L-13 is a must for scale enthusiast as well as history buffs and those who just want a very cool rocket to show off at their next launch.

  • Model: SC004
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  • Manufactured by: FlisKits

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