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Rose-A-Roc Model Rocket Kit

FlisKits Rose-A-Roc Model Rocket Kit

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The Rose-a-Roc kit is based on Art Rose's competition helicopter duration design.

Boosting on a wide variety of motors, the Rose-A-Roc leaps into the air, gaining surprising altitude. At apogee, the ejection charge burns away a hold-down string that releases three large, impressive, helicopter blades. Designed for a self-induced spin, she hangs in the air for a moment then begins to drop. Suddenly, the blades begin to spin and pick up speed! Riding a cushion of air as she descends, the Rose-A-Roc floats gently to the ground.

FlisKits has, with Art's permission, re-engineered the Rose-A-Roc for a simpler and more precise build. But, it remains a high-end competition model.

The Rose-a-Roc features a precision three-part, laser-cut hub that makes assembling the rotor hub a snap. The kit includes a custom-turned pre-drilled nose cone tailored for the Rose-a-Roc and precision laser-cut centering rings to hold the rotor shaft firmly for many flights. A unique method of attaching the launch lug allows the rocket to be flown without exotic launch equipment such as towers and pistons.

  • Model: HC001
  • 1 Unit in Stock
  • Manufactured by: FlisKits

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