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Data Feed

The affiliate program is managed by Shareasale, a trusted affiliate network.

Through Shareasale, you can download our product data feed. The data feed is updated once a day and currently includes more than 400 products.

For those affiliates not familiar with them, a data feed is a list of the products available from a merchant. The list is formatted to allow it to be easily imported into a database so that your web site can use it to dynamically display information about the products.

Visit the "Datafeeds" link in your Shareasale user dashboard to apply to get FTP access to download our data feed.

If you have some experience programming, please see "Using Shareasale Data Feeds with MySQL and PHP" for an example of how to receive and process Shareasale data feeds.

If you are not technically inclined, and you created your site using popular blog software such as WordPress, look for plugins which will make it easy to integrate information from our data feed into your site. Plugins are also available for other Content Management Systems (CMSs) which are commonly used to create a web site. You might also consider a solution such as PopShops which provides a "Store Builder" to help you add an e-commerce section selling affiliate products to your web site.

Once you join our affiliate program you can request access to our data feed. The information in our data feed is also available from the following:

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