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Recovery = Tumble

    Blenders Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Blenders Model Rocket Kit

    The Estes Blenders rocket kit includes the parts to build two mini-engine powered saucers.

    MIRV Model Rocket Kit

    Estes MIRV Model Rocket Kit

    Enter the world of Multiple Re-Entry Vehicles with the Estes MIRV. The angular design of the model allows three independently powered rockets to separate from the booster which then climb to out-of-sight flights.

    This model includes light-weight foam and specially-molded plastic parts along with laser-cut wood fins. Recovery of the three upper stages is by “High Drag Recovery” which allows them to float gently back to Earth.

    PLEASE NOTE: This rocket requires four engines to launch - one B6-0 (or C6-0) and three A10-3Ts.

    Juliet Model Rocket Kit

    FlisKits Juliet Model Rocket Kit

    This kit is a small saucer inspired by the many paper puzzles that have so fascinated Jim Flis over the years. A big feature is that this model can fly in either direction. That's right. Fly it in one direction then install the motor from the other end and fly it in the other direction.

    Trifecta Model Rocket Kit

    FlisKits Trifecta Model Rocket Kit

    FlisKit's Trifecta is a three-stage rocket featuring laser-cut fins and a fin alignment jig for easy assembly. The Trifecta flies on Estes's mini engines which means that it does not go very high. You will be able to see each staging event as the rocket ascends to about 150 feet. And, you'll be able to easily recover all three stages.

    The Trifecta is an excellent introduction to multi-stage rockets and it makes a great rocket for demonstration flights.

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