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Recommended Motors = 1/2A3-2T

    D-Region Tomahawk (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products D-Region Tomahawk (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    The D-Region Tomahawk was flown early in 1968. The rocket flew into the "D" layer of the ionosphere, thus the name "D-Region." Tomahawk rockets are used to this day as the upper stage of many sounding rocket flights.

    The D-Region Tomahawk has long been a favorite of scale modelers. ASP's "peanut scale" kit flies on 13mm mini-engines and features basswood fins, balsa nose cone, decals, and streamer recovery.

    IQSY Tomahawk (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products IQSY Tomahawk (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    The first IQSY (International Quiet Sun Year) Tomahawk was first flown in 1963. Four single stage flights took place between 1963 and 1964. The Tomahawk served as the upper stage of many Nike Tomahawk flights during the International Quiet Sun Year (IQSY) of 1964 - 1965.

    The IQSY Tomahawk has long been a favorite subject for scale modelers. ASP's mini-engine kit features basswood fins, balsa nose cone and decals. A bright plastic streamer brings the model back to earth for repeated missions.

    Sandia Sandhawk (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Sandia Sandhawk (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    The Sandia Sandhawk was developed as an upper stage for sounding rocket systems. The Sandhawk flew three times as a single stage rocket between 1966 and 1974.

    ASP's "Peanut Scale" model features basswood fins, balsa nose cone, wire antennas, and decals. This great looking model flies on mini A motors.

    Skylark Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Skylark Model Rocket Kit

    The Skylark was a British sounding rocket originally designed to be used for experiments during the International Geophysical Year. The first single-stage Skylark (as depicted by this model) flew on February 19, 1957, and reached an altitude of eight miles. Later Skylarks took scientific payloads to altitudes of over 100 miles.

    This scale kit features laser-cut balsa fins, a balsa nose cone, water-slide decals, a quick-change engine hook, and parachute recovery. The ASP Skylark flies great on 13mm mini-motors.

    Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit

    ASP's Theta 13 is an easy-to-build kit for beginners and a great sport flier for modelers of any experience level. With laser-cut balsa fins, a balsa nose cone, and streamer recovery, the Theta 13 flies on economical 13mm "Mini" engines.

    V-2 (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products V-2 (13mm) Model Rocket Kit

    The V-2 ("Vengeance Weapon 2") is perhaps the most famous, and certainly the most infamous, rocket ever built. Designed by Werner von Braun for the Nazi war effort during WWII, the V-2 was the world's first large liquid-fueled rocket.

    After the war, many captured V-2s were flown by the U.S. as well as the Soviet Union. Despite its horrific inception as a weapon of destruction, the V-2 was the forerunner of all the large liquid-fuel rockets which were to follow.

    At just 7 3/4" tall, ASP's model is true to scale and features a balsa boattail, balsa nose cone and laser-cut basswood fins.

    Bandito Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Bandito Model Rocket Kit

    The Estes Bandito is a sporty, easy-to-assemble model rocket kit which flies on mini-engines.

    Firehawk Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Firehawk Model Rocket Kit

    The Estes Firehawk is a four-finned, easy-to-assemble rocket which requires no painting. It flies on mini-engines.

    Firestreak SST Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Firestreak SST Model Rocket Kit

    The Firestreak SST is a "Simple Snap-Together" model rocket kit. About 10" long, this plastic kit can be assembled and ready to fly in 15 minutes.

    Gnome Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Gnome Model Rocket Kit

    The Gnome is just a little over 10 inches tall with a shiny chrome body tube and blue nose cone and fins. This great-looking, mini-engine powered cloud chaser can reach altitudes of well over 800 feet. Recovery is fast and reliable with its fluorescent streamer.

    The Gnome is one of the Estes E2X (Easy to Assemble) series of kits and features a single piece, chrome wrapped body tube, a bright blue precolored fin unit, nose cone, and upper launch lug ring. The rocket takes about 30 minutes to build and is finished off with a colorful, easy-to-apply self-stick decal. With its simple assembly and precolored parts, it's an excellent choice for the first time rocketeer.

    Mini Honest John Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mini Honest John Model Rocket Kit

    The Estes Mini Honest John is a mini-engine-powered sport scale model of the U.S. battle field artillery missile. The kit features a detailed molded nose cone and laser-cut balsa fins. Simple to build, the resulting model features plenty of detail that you will be proud to display.

    Mosquito Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mosquito Model Rocket Kit

    This mini-engine powered rocket stands just 3.8" tall. The Mosquito features simple and quick construction with out-of-site performance.

    Tumble recovery brings this awesome little rocket back to earth. When powered by the A10-3T mini-engine, heights of 800 feet can be reached.

    Space Corps Lunar Scout Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Space Corps Lunar Scout Model Rocket Kit

    When humanity returns to the moon, look for the Space Corps Lunar Scout to lead the way. Compact, easy to build, and constructed from laser-cut cardstock, this highly detailed rocket flies up to 200 feet on an Estes A10-0T engine and returns by featherweight recovery – ideal for small fields.

    he Lunar Scout series of remote, robotic space probes was crucial to the success of the new lunar landing program of the late 2020s. This automated craft had a single, critical directive: map the moon’s surface in exacting detail to identify prospective sites for the “Second Giant Leap” as that series of lunar landing missions eventually become known. Designed to be inexpensive to manufacture and proven reliable after more than a dozen flawless lunar landing and mapping missions, Space Corps later adapted the Lunar Scout to explore Mars and its twin moons Phobos and Deimos.

    The Estes Lunar Scout is a lightweight model of this future historic space probe that will one day play such an important role in humanity’s return to the moon. With just enough detail to make this a fun but challenging build, the Lunar Scout is right for all levels of model rocket crafters. This Intermediate-Level kit features laser-cut cardstock fins and other structural parts that come together to form an amazing flying model rocket. Intricately designed water-slide decals add an additional note of realism. The full-size Lunar Scout may not actually exist quite yet, but this model looks real enough to do the job now! Compact and lightweight, the Estes Lunar Scout is designed to fly well on smaller engines. A maximum altitude of 200 feet can be expected using the Estes A10-0T mini engine. Engine options for lower altitude flights are also available. The Lunar Scout features featherweight recovery – the rocket is engineered to fall back to Earth after powered flight and land unharmed, ready to take another engine and fly again. With relatively low altitude launches and a rapid featherweight recovery, the Lunar Scout makes for a great small field flyer. No need to wait for NASA to create their Lunar Scout – build and fly yours today.

    Tercel Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Tercel Model Rocket Kit

    The Tercel is an amazing boost glider! A great addition to any rocketeers collection, watch it soar over 700 feet high and glide gently back to Earth. This glider is able to soar for over a minute.

    UP Aerospace Spaceloft Model Rocket Kit Bulk Pack (12)

    Estes UP Aerospace Spaceloft Model Rocket Kit Bulk Pack (12)

    The Estes Spaceloft is an easy to assemble flying model rocket based on the design of the UP Aerospace Spaceloft XL sounding rocket.

    This is a bulk package of 12 rocket kits.

    Cyclone Model Rocket Kit

    Odd'l Rockets Cyclone Model Rocket Kit

    Based on research and a design by Jonathan Wayne Mills, Ph.D, the Odd'l Rocket's Cyclone features amazing two-part helicopter recovery.  While the bottom section helicopters to earth, the top section spins down like a Mapleseed.

    Gyroc Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Gyroc Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc reproduction of Estes's classic Gyroc model rocket kit flies on smaller, less expensive mini-engines.

    Hawk Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Hawk Model Rocket Kit

    The Hawk model rocket boost glider is based on a hand-launched balsa glider. It was originally marketed by Advanced Model Rocket Systems (AMROCS) in their 1965 catalog.

    The Semroc version of the Hawk kit includes laser-cut balsa fins and a balsa nose cone. Pre-printed lines on the balsa sheet make assembly easy.

    Heli-Roctor Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Heli-Roctor Model Rocket Kit

    This helicopter recovery rocket uses the "fin drop" method of releasing the rotors for recovery.

    Spaceman Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Spaceman Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc's Spaceman recreates the Astron Spaceman odd-roc design by Vern Estes. This rocket-powered space traveller tumbles back to earth while the motor pod returns under a streamer.

    Sprite Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Sprite Model Rocket Kit

    The Astron Sprite was released in 1964 as a free kit on the mailing cover sheet of the February 1964 Model Rocket News. Designed by Gene Street, Chief Illustrator of Estes Industries, the Astron Sprite usies the same tumble recovery method that was earlier used by the Estes Scout. The Sprite quickly became a classic design and was in production for almost ten years.

    Semroc's Retro-Repro Sprite is updated with laser- cut fins and other minor upgrades, but the model remains close to the original.

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