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Recommended Motors = B4-6

    Kappa-7-1 (18mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Kappa-7-1 (18mm) Model Rocket Kit

    The Kappa-7 was designed as a booster for Japan's later Kappa-8 and Kappa-9 rockets as well as being used as a single-stage sounding rocket. It was determined, however, that the vehicle was unsuitable as a single-stage rocket. The lone Kappa-7 flight was made on November 18, 1959 to confirm the motor's suitability as a booster. 

    ASP's model of one of Japan's early sounding rockets makes a great beginner's kit. Capable of flying on a wide range of engines, this great looking and great flying model can be flown on practically any size field.

    Zinger Model Rocket Kit (OOP)

    Estes Zinger Model Rocket Kit (OOP)

    Estes last produced the Zinger kit in the late 1990s. This out-of-production model rocket kit is easy-to-build and flies on standard motors.

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