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Recommended Motors = G33-5

    Mozzie Model Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Mozzie Model Rocket Kit

    Th Madcow is a 500% upscale of the classic Mosquito rocket kit.  Madcow's kit includes a custom balsa nose cone, pre-slotted body tube, parachute protector, nylon parachute, laser-cut fins, and a 29mm motor mount.

    Turbo Vortico Model Rocket Kit

    Rocketarium Turbo Vortico Model Rocket Kit

    The Turbo Vortico is a three-blade, upscale version of Rocketarium's Vortico 'copter-style rocket. Like it's smaller cousin, the Turbo Vortico flies straight up while spinning then helicopters down for a smooth landing. The Turbo Vortico flies on 29mm E to G motors.

    This oddroc kit comes with six (6) pieces of laser-cut plywood, a heavy-wall motor tube, and a 1/4" launch lug. Fully illustrated instructions make assembly a breeze.

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