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Diameter (in) in range 0.686...0.786

    Neo Mini Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Neo Mini Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    ASP's Neo Mini is a great beginner's kit. Easy to build and fly, the Neo Mini is ideal for use in school and other group settings. Designed with the beginner in mind, the Neo Minii is also a fun sport flier for modelers of any experience level.

    Features laser-cut balsa fins, balsa nose cone, quick-change engine hook, and parachute recovery. The Neo Mini flies on economical 13mm "Mini" engines.

    Skylark Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Skylark Model Rocket Kit (0.7390)

    The Skylark was a British sounding rocket originally designed to be used for experiments during the International Geophysical Year. The first single-stage Skylark (as depicted by this model) flew on February 19, 1957, and reached an altitude of eight miles. Later Skylarks took scientific payloads to altitudes of over 100 miles.

    This scale kit features laser-cut balsa fins, a balsa nose cone, water-slide decals, a quick-change engine hook, and parachute recovery. The ASP Skylark flies great on 13mm mini-motors.

    Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    ASP's Theta 13 is an easy-to-build kit for beginners and a great sport flier for modelers of any experience level. With laser-cut balsa fins, a balsa nose cone, and streamer recovery, the Theta 13 flies on economical 13mm "Mini" engines.

    S.L.V. Model Rocket Kit

    Custom Rocket S.L.V. Model Rocket Kit (0.7360 - BT-20)

    The SLV ("Satellite Launch Vehicle) provides slow, impressivelift-offs that look so real. The kit features an injection-molded plastic nose cone, six die-cut balsa fins, a 12" parachute, and self-adhesive decals. Flights of over 750 feet.

    "Young Astronauts Club" Cadet Model Rocket Kit (OOP, 1987)

    Estes "Young Astronauts Club" Cadet Model Rocket Kit (OOP, 1987) (0.7360 - BT-20)

    Estes released the Cadet kit in 1987 to support the "Young Astronauts Club." This kit is no longer in production. It is in good condition and is still-sealed in the original packaging.

    Based on the Blazer kit, this kit features die-cut fiber fins and streamer recovery.

    Established in 1984 by the White House, the Young Astronauts Council uses space to promote interest in science, math, and technology among young people. The Council supports local Young Astronauts Chapters around the world as well as the "Young Astronauts Club" for individual memberships. The Council is a non-profit organizationand receives no government funding. It is funded by membership fees paid by its official chapters. Chapters and Club (individual) members receive official Young Astronaut membership cards and certificates containing a seal that was flown in space aboard the space shuttle.


    Estes Altimeter (0.7000)

    The Estes altimeter reports the altitude that your rocket reaches on an easy-to-read LCD display. Attach the altimeter to your rocket's shock cord or store it in a payload section before flight.

    The Estes Altimeter has a four digit LCD read out which displays the maximum altitude in English or metric untis. It accurately measures model rocket launch altitudes from 0 - 9999 feet (0 - 3000 m) and stores up to ten consecutive flights.

    Includes a replaceable alkaline battery.

    Bandito Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Bandito Model Rocket Kit (0.7300)

    The Estes Bandito is a sporty, easy-to-assemble model rocket kit which flies on mini-engines.

    Crossbow SST Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Crossbow SST Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    A smaller cousin of the classic Satellite Interceptor kit, the Crossbow SST can reach a height of 1600 feet on a C6-5.

    EX-200 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes EX-200 Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The EX-200 comes fully assembled. It flies an amazing 425 feet on Estes Mini Engines.

    Fat Jax Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Fat Jax Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The Estes Fat Jax is a cool, little ready-to-fly rocket that flies using mini-engines.

    Firehawk Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Firehawk Model Rocket Kit (0.7360 - BT-20)

    The Estes Firehawk is a four-finned, easy-to-assemble rocket which requires no painting. It flies on mini-engines.

    Fletcher Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Fletcher Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The Estes Fletcher is a sleek, arrow-like rocket designed to soar to over 325 feet on mini engines. The cool black and blue styling gives this rocket a unique look.

    Hi-Flier Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Hi-Flier Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The Estes Hi-Flier is one of the most extreme, super performance model rockets you can own. The Hi-Flier can easily be built in one afternoon. The Estes Hi-Flier isis capable to flights over 1,600 feet and recovers with a fluorescent orange streamer.

    Indicator Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Indicator Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The Estes Interceptor is a simple build which flies on inexpensive mini-engines! Standing over 21 inches tall, the Indicator reaches 200 feet on an A10-3T engine.

    Lynx Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Lynx Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    Powered by the more-economical Estes mini-engines, the Lynx is a challenging kit to build that will reward you with its futuristic style and great flights.

    Mini Comanche 3 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mini Comanche 3 Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The Mini Comanche 3 is a smaller version of the popular three-stage Comanche 3 rocket. This version flies on mini-engines and can be flown as a single-stage, a two-stage, or a three-stage rocket.

    Sequoia Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Sequoia Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    Standing just over 20 inches tall, this mini engine powered rocket packs some punch when launched on an A10-3T. The Sequoia is quick off the launch pad and soars to 350 feet so you better keep your eyes open when it takes off.

    Viking Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 Kits)

    Estes Viking Model Rocket Bulk Pack (12 Kits) (0.7400)

    The Estes Viking can be easily assembled with 48 possible different fin configurations. The kit\'s five special, die-cut card stock fins allow you to create a rocket that\'s truly unique. Take your pick on how you want your rocket to look; fins up, fins down or fins whatever way. You call it, it\'s your day to be the rocket designer.

    Customize your own matter how you place the fins, it still offers the ultimate in high performance model rocket flight. This Skill Level 1 rocket kit includes a single-piece body tube, molded nose cone, and self-stick decals.

    The Viking is just over 12 inches tall. When flown on standard engines, the Viking is able to reach amazing launch heights over 1600 feet and land safely with its bright orange streamer.

    The versatile Viking can be built in an afternoon and is a great rocket for beginners, class projects, clubs and rocket demonstrations.

    Wizard Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Wizard Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The Estes Wizard is an easy-to-assemble, Skill Level 1 kit with a one-piece body tube, laser-cut wood fins, and a bullet-shaped plastic nose cone. The self-stick decals are sure to make this mystic rocket the envy of everyone at your local launch field. The Wizard is a great rocket for beginners, schools, clubs and rocket demonstrations.

    Zinger Model Rocket Kit (OOP)

    Estes Zinger Model Rocket Kit (OOP) (0.7360 - BT-20)

    Estes last produced the Zinger kit in the late 1990s. This out-of-production model rocket kit is easy-to-build and flies on standard motors.

    Cougar 660 Model Rocket Kit

    FlisKits Cougar 660 Model Rocket Kit (0.7360 - BT-20)

    Designed for streamer duration contests, the Cougar 660 employs a paper reduction shroud (tailcone) to cut drag, a parabolic nose cone, and 1/64" aircraft-grade plywood fins.

    Included are 3 different fin patterns giving you the ultimate in customization for such a model. Choose from parabolic, swept parabolic and asymmetric parabolic.

    Enhancing the competition nature of this kit, the Cougar 660 comes with a large 6" X 60" competition grade streamer with detailed assembly instructions. For sport and test flights a 20" crepe paper streamer is also included.

    Rounding out this champion is the inclusion of a "Pop-Lug" kit with full instructions. The Pop-Lug allows you to launch your Cougar 660 on any conventional launch pad (with a 1/8" launch rod) WITHOUT the drag penalty of carrying a launch lug on the rocket. This provides up to a 15% reduction in drag!. The Pop-Lug stays on the launch pad allowing the Cougar 660 to climb to incredible altitudes.

    Bat Rok Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Bat Rok Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    Semroc's Bat Rok is a reproduction of the 1968 kit released by Centuri.

    Blue Jay Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Blue Jay Model Rocket Kit (0.7300)

    Semroc's Blue Jay kit is an easy-to-build boost glider. After apogee, the booster returns under a streamer while the glider flies back to earth.

    Golden Scout Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Golden Scout Model Rocket Kit (0.7670)

    Vernon Estes designed the Scout in 1959. The tumble-recovery Scout was first introduced as a kit (#K-1) in 1961.

    Gyroc Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Gyroc Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    Semroc reproduction of Estes's classic Gyroc model rocket kit flies on smaller, less expensive mini-engines.

    Hawk Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Hawk Model Rocket Kit (0.7360 - BT-20)

    The Hawk model rocket boost glider is based on a hand-launched balsa glider. It was originally marketed by Advanced Model Rocket Systems (AMROCS) in their 1965 catalog.

    The Semroc version of the Hawk kit includes laser-cut balsa fins and a balsa nose cone. Pre-printed lines on the balsa sheet make assembly easy.

    Javelin Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Javelin Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    Semroc's Javelin is a "retro-reproduction" of the classic Centuri kit from the 1960s. The kit includes a percision-turned balsa nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins, and water-slide decals. A parachute is used for recovery.

    Lil' Hercules Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Lil' Hercules Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    The original Lil' Hercules was released by Centuri in 1965. It used Centuri's Series III ("Shorty") model rocket engines which were one inch shorter than standard engines

    Semroc's "retro-reproduction" of the Lil' Hercules kit is updated to use standard-length 18mm engines. The kit also comes with laser-cut fins. Like the original, it uses tumble recovery.

    Micron Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Micron Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    Based on the original Micron designed by Lee Piester which Centuri released in the early 1960s, the Semroc Micron is a classic kit featuring laser-cut fins and streamer recovery.

    Moon Glo Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Moon Glo Model Rocket Kit (0.7360 - BT-20)

    Semroc's Moon Glo is a reproduction of the 1963 Rocket Development kit designed by Irv Wait.

    MX Fat Boy Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc MX Fat Boy Model Rocket Kit (0.7360 - BT-20)

    The MX Fat Boy is a downscale of the classic Estes Fat Boy and Mini Fat Boy rockets. Flying on Quest MicroMaxx motor, Semroc's MX Fat Boy can be flown in a smaller flying field for greater recoverability.

    Rawhide Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Rawhide Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    Semroc's Rawhide is based on the classic Rocket Development

    Red Eye Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Red Eye Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    The Red-Eye kit was originally released in 1980 by Centuri Engineering Company as the enemy satellite for their new Satellite Killer. Both of these models were a part of their “War in Space” series. Since these were done in the final days of Centuri, as a separate company from Estes Industries, there were no later entries. The Red-Eye was an “upscale” of the earlier Satellite 62SL and used the same fiber fin sheets. It was released as Catalog Number 5346 and had an introductory price of $2.00.

    The Semroc Retro-Repro Red-Eye is updated with laser-cut fins. The original plastic nose cone is replaced with balsa. The engine mount is added to work with a wide range of mini-engines instead of a standard 1/2A6 engine.

    Sprite Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Sprite Model Rocket Kit (0.7590)

    The Astron Sprite was released in 1964 as a free kit on the mailing cover sheet of the February 1964 Model Rocket News. Designed by Gene Street, Chief Illustrator of Estes Industries, the Astron Sprite usies the same tumble recovery method that was earlier used by the Estes Scout. The Sprite quickly became a classic design and was in production for almost ten years.

    Semroc's Retro-Repro Sprite is updated with laser- cut fins and other minor upgrades, but the model remains close to the original.

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