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Diameter (in) in range 1.79...1.89

    D-Region Tomahawk Model Rocket Kit

    Estes D-Region Tomahawk Model Rocket Kit (1.8000)

    The Estes D-Region Tomahawk is a 1/5 scale flying model of NASA's sounding rocket. Launched only one time in 1968, this rocket was designed to take measurements of the D-layer of the ionosphere - thus its name. Estes's version of this fantastic scale rocket captures all the detail of the original in an easy to assemble model that flies as good as it looks.

    In terms of performance, this gigantic rocket can blast nearly 800 feet high when powered with an E engine. An adapter is included to launch on Estes D engines. Finally, to protect this beautiful scale model when it lands, a 24-inch pre-assembled nylon parachute is included.

    Little Green Man Model Rocket Kit

    Odd'l Rockets Little Green Man Model Rocket Kit (1.8400)

    From the fuzzy antenna on the top of his head to the bottom of his (three) feet, this little guy is out of this world. He looks friendly enough, but what's up with that raygun on his belt? Stand back as the Little Green Man takes flight!

    Pigasus Model Rocket Kit

    Odd'l Rockets Pigasus Model Rocket Kit (1.8400)

    The Pigasus is not your typical "three-fins and a nose cone" rocket.  It's a two wings, four legs, and a snout rocket (and ears and glasses, too).

    Fly this pink piglet on a B6 or C6 engine for a squealing stable flight then watch as the porcine projectile returns to earth under its parachute.

    "It's a terrific pork flyer." - Ham Solo

    "Don't fry your bacon, fly it!" - Piggie Smalls (The Notorious P.I.G.)

    "Sometimes a pig isn't just a pig." - Pigmund Freud

    "I feel a connection to this rocket." - Kevin Bacon

    "Odd'l Rockets has produced a real wiener." - Col. Tom Porker

    "You will believe a pig can fly!" - G. Harry Swine

    If the Pigasus kit is "Sold Out," please don't despair.  We expect another litter to arrive soon!


    Scrambler Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Scrambler Model Rocket Kit (1.7960)

    Yung'un's Nuke Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Yung'un's Nuke Model Rocket Kit (1.8400)

    The Yung'un's Nuke is the fourth of the Semroc "Groonies" series of Goonie-style model rocket kits. What can a dictator of a small third world country give to his yung'un that tells the civilized world that he means business? Just any old baby bottle is not good enough to nurse his baby boy. No, it has to serve as a message to the world that this yung'un is different. He can use this gift to provide nourishment and recycle the empties to let everyone know that he is important and can do some-thing with his life that most others cannot do. He can change the world, or at least blow up a small piece of it. This model does not include baby's milk or nuclear material, but will provide some of the fun of the original.

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