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Diameter (in) in range 2.6...2.7

    Executioner Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Executioner Model Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    The Execution is over 36" tall and flies on powerful D and E motors. The kit includes a slotted body tube and laser-cut wood fins.

    Mega Mosquito Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mega Mosquito Model Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    The Mega Moquito is an upscale of the classic Estes Mosquito. Parts to build an original-size Mosquito are also included.

    Shuttle Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Shuttle Model Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    The Estes Shuttle is a nod to the past as well as a look toward the furture. The retro-styled orbitor is launched on a next-generation heavy launch system. At apogee, a parachute deploys to safely recover the booster while the orbiter begins its slow glide back to earth.

    Super Big Bertha Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Super Big Bertha Model Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Standing over 36 inches tall, the Pro Series II Super Big Bertha comes with the quick-release motor retention system just as the other Pro Series kits do. Construction of this kit is not difficult and the altitudes you will reach are very impressive. Building and finish work can easily be accomplished over a few days. This is an update of the kit originally instroduced in 1990.

    V-2 Semi-Scale Model Rocket Kit

    Estes V-2 Semi-Scale Model Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Powered by C11, D12 and E9 engines, the Estes V2 kit is a flying scale model of the Aggregat-4 ballistic missile developed by the Germans during World War II. After the war, the US used the V-2 as a research rocket to kick-start its rocket development program.

    Army Hawk MIM-23A (2.6") Model Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Army Hawk MIM-23A (2.6") Model Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    The Hawk is a medium range, surface-to-air guided missile that provides air defense coverage against low-to-medium-altitude aircraft. It is a mobile, all-weather day and night system. The missile is highly lethal, reliable, and effective against electronic countermeasures. Basic HAWK was developed in the 1950s and initially fielded in 1960. The system has been upgraded through a series of product improvements beginning with the Improved HAWK in 1970. The Phase III product improvement and the latest missile modification were first fielded in the early 1990s to the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps (USMC). Two missile modifications have extended the missile's field life and added electronic counter-countermeasures to defeat special threats. Development was completed on HAWK mobility, the latest system improvement, and it was produced for the USMC and Sweden. The U.S. Army National Guard (ARNG) as well as 20 allied nations, including NATO and several countries in both Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia, were also equipped with the HAWK system. Prime contractor for this system is the Raytheon Company.

    Features of Madcow's scale model of the Hawk include:

    • Cut Vinyl Decal
    • Balsa Tail Cone
    • Durable Plastic Nose Cone
    • Flameproof Chute Protector
    • Laser Cut Plywood Parts
    • Kevlar/Nylon Shock Cord
    • Heavy Duty Body Tube
    • 29mm Motor Mount
    Lil Goblin Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Lil Goblin Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Madcow's 'Lil Goblin is a good choice for your fist mid-power rocket kit. The kit features a plastic nose cone, pre-slotted body tube, laser-cut plywood parts, a flameproof parachute protector, and an 18" nylon 'chute.

    Lil Squat Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Lil Squat Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Madcow's 'Lil Squat is another good choice for your first mid-power rocket. The kit comes with a pastic nose cone, flameproof 'chute protector, laser-cut plywood parts, Kevlar/Nylon shock cord, pre-slotted heavy-duty body tube, and a nylon parachute.

    Momba Model Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Momba Model Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    A terrific introduction to higher-power rockets, the Momba kit from Madcow features a durable plastic nose cone, a flameproof chute protector, laser-cut plywood parts, a Kevlar/Nylon shock cord, and a heavy-duty body tube.

    PAC-3 Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry PAC-3 Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Madcow's scale model of the third generation Patriot missile features a plastic nose cone, flameproof parachute protector, laser-cut plywood parts, Kevlar/Nylon shock cord, heavy-duty body tube, 29mm motor mount, nylon parachute, and a vinyl decal.

    The PAC-3 (Patriot Advanced Capability 3) missile is the ATBM (Anti Theater Ballistic Missile) component of the U.S. Army's Patriot air defense system, and will complement the existing MIM-104 Patriot missiles.

    The PAC (Patriot Advanced Capability) program was begun in 1986 to develop a series of significant upgrades to the Patriot system. The ultimate step is PAC-3/Configuration 3, which introduces an upgraded AN/MPQ-65 radar to increase detection in high-clutter environments, and to improve discrimination of closely spaced objects (better decoy recognition). The most important feature of this new Patriot system, however, will be a completely new missile, a variant of the Lockheed Martin ERINT (Extended Range Interceptor) commonly called PAC-3. The PAC-3 missile is highly optimized for the anti-missile role (employing a hit-to-kill capability enhanced by a fragmentation warhead), so that operational PAC-3 Patriot units will be equipped eventually with both MIM-104 and PAC-3 missiles. The latter is significantly smaller than an MIM-104, so that 16 missiles instead of four can be carried in a single launch station. ERINT was first flight-tested in 1992, and selected as the ultimate PAC-3 missile in 1994. The PAC-3/ERINT integration tests took place from 1995 to 1997, and the missile is currently in full production at Lockheed Martin Missiles And Fire Control.

    Skipper Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Skipper Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    The balsa tailcone adds a touch of excitement to the Skipper's 3FNC design. This Madcow kit includes a plastic nose cone, laser-cut plywood parts, a 'chute protect, nylon parachute, and a vinyl decal.

    Solar Express Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Solar Express Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Madcow's futuristic rocketliner has a molded nose cone, pre-slotted body tube, 29mm motor tube, laser-cut fins, a Kevlar and Nylon shock cord sections, a flameproof 'chute protector, an 18” Nylon chute, and a water slide decal.

    Striker Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Striker Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Sharp angles define the design of Madcow's Striker kit. This quality kit includes a 29mm motor mount, plastic nose cone, plywood fins, a parachute protector, and a nylon parachute.

    US Army MIM-23B Hawk Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry US Army MIM-23B Hawk Rocket Kit (2.6000 - BT-80)

    Designed as a more mobile counterpart to the Nike Hercules, the Raytheon MIM-23 Hawk (Homing All the Way Killer) is a medium-range surface-to-air missile.

    Madcow's flying scale model of the Hawk features a plastic nose cone and plywood fins. The kit includes a nylon parachute and a prarchute protector.

    SLS Brighton Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc SLS Brighton Model Rocket Kit (2.6400)

    Semroc's upscaled version of the classic Estes Ranger features a precision-turned balsa nose cone, laser-cut basswood fins, slotted heavy wall body tubes, an ejection baffle, a nylon parachute, and three interchangeable motor mounts.

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