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    Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Theta 13 Model Rocket Kit (14.0000)

    ASP's Theta 13 is an easy-to-build kit for beginners and a great sport flier for modelers of any experience level. With laser-cut balsa fins, a balsa nose cone, and streamer recovery, the Theta 13 flies on economical 13mm "Mini" engines.

    Titan IIIC MOL Model Rocket Kit

    Dr. Zooch Titan IIIC MOL Model Rocket Kit (14.0000)

    Dr. Zooch Rockets's Titan IIIC Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) flying model rocket kit is a semi-scale model of the Titan IIIC launch vehicle that lofted the mock-up MOL on November 3, 1966 for the US Air Force. After that, other Titan IIIC vehicles went on to fly more than 30 times. The MOL version, however, only flew once as the program was cancelled by the Nixon administration in June of 1969.

    When fully constructed this model stands about 14 inches tall and has a basic empty weight of 3.9 ounces. It is single stage and uses a standard 18mm motor such as a B6-4. Recovery is by parachute.

    America Model Rocket Kit

    Quest Aerospace America Model Rocket Kit (14.0000)

    The Quest America sports a patriotic red, white, and blue theme. Balsa fins, a molded plastic cone, and color-coded parts make this an easy Skill Level One build.

    Aerobee-Hi Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Aerobee-Hi Model Rocket Kit (14.0000)

    The Semroc Aerobee-Hi is a clone of the Aerobee-Hi kit originally produced by Model Missiles Inc. between 1958 and 1961.

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