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    P.O.N.G. Model Rocket Kit

    Custom Rocket P.O.N.G. Model Rocket Kit (19.5000)

    The ninth galaxy is protected by a fleet of these craft. Protectors Of Ninth Galaxy, or P.O.N.G for short, uses mid-body separation and flies under mini-engine power. Recovery is by streamer and it will fly over 500 feet. Another unique feature is that it uses a ping pong ball for the nose cone. Add this one to your collection if you want something different.

    Cosmic Cobra Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Cosmic Cobra Model Rocket Kit (19.5000)

    You'll be amazed when the rocket returns to earth with a parachute while the nose cone helicopters down.

    The Cosmic Cobra streaks to altitudes over 500 feet high. Two recovery devices are used to tame this reptile. The main rocket, with upswept fins, returns to earth on a colorful 12 inch parachute while the sleek nose cone helicopters down on bright colored, retractable rotor blades. Assembly of the Cobra takes about one hour or less, making it a great choice for any beginner! You'll draw a crowd at the flying field when you blast this unique rocket into space!

    Mix-n-Match 50 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mix-n-Match 50 Model Rocket Kit (19.5000)

    The Mix-n-Match 50 set includes parts to build three colorful rockets. All parts are pre-colored, so no painting is required. Two sheets of self-stick decals are included.

    The Mix-n-Match 50 includes BT-50 (0.976 inch diameter) parts:

    • Three nose cones and nose cone inserts
    • Six pre-colored BT-50 (.98 in diameter) body tubes
    • Three body tube connecters
    • Three fin can units
    • Twelve fins in three different styles
    • Three launch lugs and clear reinforcements
    • Three shock cords
    • Three pre-assembled parachutes
    • Two self-stick decal sheets
    Mozzie Model Rocket Kit

    Madcow Rocketry Mozzie Model Rocket Kit (19.5000)

    Th Madcow is a 500% upscale of the classic Mosquito rocket kit.  Madcow's kit includes a custom balsa nose cone, pre-slotted body tube, parachute protector, nylon parachute, laser-cut fins, and a 29mm motor mount.

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