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Length (in) in range 21.25...21.35

    Trident T117-13

    Advanced Rocketry Group Trident T117-13 (21.3000)

    The ARG Trident is a flying model based on the EnerJet 2250 sounding rocket originally produced in 1972 and designed by Larry Brown. This model flies on a cluster of three 13mm motors.

    The Trident kit comes with laser-cut plywood centering rings and fins, water-slide decals, and a 15" plastic parachute kit.

    This rocket must be launched from a 3/16" launch rod.

    Dark Zero Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Dark Zero Model Rocket Kit (21.3000)

    A couple of hours of your time and you're off to the flying field with the really cool Dark Zero from Estes! This kit is easy to build and all the parts are pre-colored so there's no need to bother with paint.

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