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    Firefly Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Firefly Model Rocket Kit (9.0000)

    This reproduction of the Centuri kit from the 1960s can be flown as a single-stage or as a two-stage rocket.

    Moon Glo Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Moon Glo Model Rocket Kit (9.0000)

    Semroc's Moon Glo is a reproduction of the 1963 Rocket Development kit designed by Irv Wait.

    Red Eye Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Red Eye Model Rocket Kit (9.0000)

    The Red-Eye kit was originally released in 1980 by Centuri Engineering Company as the enemy satellite for their new Satellite Killer. Both of these models were a part of their “War in Space” series. Since these were done in the final days of Centuri, as a separate company from Estes Industries, there were no later entries. The Red-Eye was an “upscale” of the earlier Satellite 62SL and used the same fiber fin sheets. It was released as Catalog Number 5346 and had an introductory price of $2.00.

    The Semroc Retro-Repro Red-Eye is updated with laser-cut fins. The original plastic nose cone is replaced with balsa. The engine mount is added to work with a wide range of mini-engines instead of a standard 1/2A6 engine.

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