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    "Young Astronauts Club" Cadet Model Rocket Kit (OOP, 1987)

    Estes "Young Astronauts Club" Cadet Model Rocket Kit (OOP, 1987) (0.7100)

    Estes released the Cadet kit in 1987 to support the "Young Astronauts Club." This kit is no longer in production. It is in good condition and is still-sealed in the original packaging.

    Based on the Blazer kit, this kit features die-cut fiber fins and streamer recovery.

    Established in 1984 by the White House, the Young Astronauts Council uses space to promote interest in science, math, and technology among young people. The Council supports local Young Astronauts Chapters around the world as well as the "Young Astronauts Club" for individual memberships. The Council is a non-profit organizationand receives no government funding. It is funded by membership fees paid by its official chapters. Chapters and Club (individual) members receive official Young Astronaut membership cards and certificates containing a seal that was flown in space aboard the space shuttle.

    Mini "A" Heli Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mini "A" Heli Model Rocket Kit (0.7600)

    Test your building skills with this contest-quality kit from Estes. The Mini "A" Heli deploys blades at apogee for helicopter recovery.

    Nitro Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Nitro Model Rocket Kit (0.6900)

    Fully-assembled and standing 12.6 inches tall, the Estes Nitro can reach 425 feet in altitude!

    Sky Duster Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Sky Duster Model Rocket Kit (0.7400)

    The Estes Sky Duster comes already assembled and finished. It flies on Estes mini-engines.

    Astro Jr Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Astro Jr Model Rocket Kit (0.7000)

    The Astro-Jr is a smaller scale version of the original Astro-1 by Centuri Engineering Company.

    The Astro-Jr is designed to use 13mm mini-engines for smaller fields. Altitudes from 200 to 500 feet are possible. The Astro-Jr uses precision laser-cut fins, smooth body tube, and a sanded balsa nose cone to maintain the original look and feel in a slightly smaller package. A 12" multi-colored parachute is included for safe recovery.

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