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Weight (oz) in range 1.45...1.55

    Eggstravaganza 24 Platinum Edition Egglofter Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Eggstravaganza 24 Platinum Edition Egglofter Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    The newest version of ASP's popular and contest-winning Eggstravaganza series of Egglofter kits features an aerodynamic and lightweight clear plastic egg cone, a shock cord made of Kevlar and elastic, and laser-cut G10 fiberglass fins. The tapered silver shroud reduces drag while giving plenty of room for a parachute.

    These kits have been used extensively in NAR competition and have helped modelers bring home many trophies. This egg lofter can be flown in either Altitude or Duration events. The egg cone has a section in the base that will fit some smaller altimeters and also comes with the option of using a sponge-like foam egg protector that conforms to the inside of the cone and to the egg. The egg protector gives superior protection against breaking the egg and also makes mating the two pieces of the egg cone much easier.

    RAM B (18mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products RAM B (18mm) Model Rocket Kit (1.4700)

    The RAM ("Radio Attenuation Measurement") B was a three-stage rocket designed to study communications during reentry after a lunar voyage.

    ASP's single-stage "Fun Scale" model of the RAM B captures the general apperance of the real vehicle, yet is easy enough for the novice modeler. Includes trim tape and self-adhesive trim material to simplify painting and detailing.

    That Tube Rocket (18mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products That Tube Rocket (18mm) Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    ASP's That Tube Rocket flies without the use of standard fins. Very easy to build, That Tube Rocket includes a quick-change engine hook that makes it easy to fly over and over. Features ASP's usual top-quality components and outstanding instructions.

    Dazzler Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Dazzler Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    Slip the fins into the fin can, tie the shock cord to the nose cone and that fast, you are ready for the flying field! The Dazzler, powered by standard engines, can reach heights over 1,100 feet!

    Illusion Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Illusion Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    Quick to build and fast off the pad, the Estes Illusion is gone in a flash. With swept back fins and a jet-fighter nose cone, the snap-together Illusion looks like it's always moving. Flies up to 1125 feet on an Estes C6-5 engine. As a beginner-level rocket kit, the Estes Illusion is carefully engineered to get you on the pad and in the air quickly.

    Featuring a no-glue, snap-together construction design, even the first-time rocketeer will have no problem assembling this model rocket in record time. No painting or sanding is required for this kit. The molded plastic components are ready for use straight from the box. All parts are pre-colored in a vivid red, black and grey color scheme. From the tip of the sleek nosecone to the bottom of the trailing stabilizer fin, all the painting is done for you. Finish your Estes Illusion by applying the included self-stick decals and you're ready to fly.

    Launch prep for the Estes Illusion couldn't be easier. Simply insert a recommended Estes engine into the plastic threaded engine mount then pack the recovery wadding and parachute.

    Mini Comanche 3 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Mini Comanche 3 Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    The Mini Comanche 3 is a smaller version of the popular three-stage Comanche 3 rocket. This version flies on mini-engines and can be flown as a single-stage, a two-stage, or a three-stage rocket.

    Starship Octavius Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Starship Octavius Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    The Starship Octavius has a sleek, jet-fighter look and is capable of reaching altitudes of 1100 feet on a C6-5 engine! A sci-fi nose cone and ridged fins give this rocket a truly unique look.

    Super streamlined and stealthy, the Starship Octavius is built to protect our solar system and the fringes of deedp space. Perfect for entry-level rocketeers, this beginner-level flying model rocket kit can easily be snapped together in 15 minutes or less. When completed, this rocket will stand a full 20 inches tall. Complete with a sci-fi plastic molded nose cone and self-stick decals, once finished the Starship Octavius’ slick jet-fighter look will garner attention on and off the flying field. Launched from a standard launch pad, this rocket has a range of engine options that will allow this sleek sports rocket to reach 1100 feet in the lower earth’s atmosphere.

    Little Joe II Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Little Joe II Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    Semroc's Litte Joe II is a 1/70 scale flying model of the Apollo test rocket.

    Visitor Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Visitor Model Rocket Kit (1.5000)

    Semroc's Visitor is a Sci-Fi inspired model rocket kit featuring laser-cut fins, a precision-turned balsa nose cone, and waterslide decals.

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