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Weight (oz) in range 1.75...1.85

    Bull Pup 12D Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Bull Pup 12D Model Rocket Kit (1.8000)

    The Estes Bull Pup 12D is a sport-scale version of the Air Force's AGM-12D Bull Pup missile. The Bull Pup makes a great first scale model.

    Galaxy Glow Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Galaxy Glow Model Rocket Kit (1.8000)

    The Estes Galaxy Glow model rocket kit is a perfect S.T.E.M. adventure for the first-time rocketeer. Experience the thrill of building and flying your own high-performance model rocket with minimal waiting. This rocket is as much fun to build as it is to fly

    In addition to the fun and excitement of building, launching, and recovery of your own model rocket, the high-flying Galaxy Glow has significant STEM educational value. This ultra-sleek and colorful model rocket can provide some of the basic building blocks for understanding Newton’s Laws of Motion. The Galaxy Glow is a great looking, easy to assemble (E2X) model rocket kit that features a molded lime green nose cone, fin can, and fins, pre-colored body tube and self-stick decals. The kit can be assembled and ready to fly in about an hour. When launched with an Estes C6-7 engine, the almost 20 inches tall Galaxy Glow can reach heights of 1,100 feet and is easily recovered by its 12-inch parachute.

    Nemesis Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Nemesis Model Rocket Kit (1.8000)

    Estes introduced the Nemesis in their 2001 catalog. It features a futuristic spaceship design with a cockpit molded into the nosecone.

    Produced from about 2001 to 2004, this kit is still in the original packaging.

    Nike Apache Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Nike Apache Model Rocket Kit (1.8000)

    The Estes Nike Apache is a single-stage scale kit.

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