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    Versi - Loader 2 Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Versi - Loader 2 Model Rocket Kit (2.0000)

    ASP's new version of the popular Versi - Loader kit has been updated to conform to the new NAR payload rules. This easy-to-build 18mm engine-powered kit features a balsa nose cone and bulkhead, laser-cut balsa fins, and a complete payload kit. The Versi - Loader 2 can be flown either single-stage or two-stage. Although designed primarily as a payload model, the Versi - Loader 2 is also capable of being used as a Parachute or Streamer Duration model in the higher impulse events (B & up) as well as in Altitude events, or just for fun as a high-flying sport model. Includes a NAR-Style payload.

    Way Two High (18/24mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Way Two High (18/24mm) Model Rocket Kit (2.0000)

    The Way Too High is an easy to build two-stage kit. The booster section can be built in either of two styles. The kit features laser-cut balsa fins, a payload section, and a balsa wood nose cone.

    The Way Too High can be built to use either 18mm or 24mm engines.

    AGM-57X Heatseeker Model Rocket Kit

    Estes AGM-57X Heatseeker Model Rocket Kit (2.0000)

    This scale-like model rocket kit is easy-to-assemble with no painting required.

    Airwalker Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Airwalker Model Rocket Kit (2.0000)

    This is a "reintro" of the popular Air Walker model rocket kit from Estes. A clear payload section adds to the fun of this rocket. Building remains the same as the original kit and is easy to build no matter what your experience level. Have this rocket on the launch pad in a quick afternoon and enjoy countless launches.

    Goblin Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Goblin Model Rocket Kit (2.0000)

    Estes has brought back another classic model rocket kit. The Estes Goblin first appeared in the early 1970s and has remained a favorite of rocketry modelers through the decades.

    Patriot M104 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Patriot M104 Model Rocket Kit (1.9500)

    This one-tenth scale model of the Army's M-104 Patriot air defense missile features authentic decals and parachute recovery.

    Wacky Wiggler Model Rocket Launch Set

    Estes Wacky Wiggler Model Rocket Launch Set (2.0000)

    The Wiggler has arrived! This launch set includes a launch pad, launch controller, and the Wacky Wiggler rocket.

    Estes's Wacky Wiggler rocket features "break-apart" recovery.

    The easy-to-build Wacky Wiggler will give you hours of rocket launching fun. The Wiggler launches as a normal rocket, but comes down in several pieces connect by a shock cord. The kit features pre-colored parts including body tube segments featuring a silver holographic pattern which is super shiny and easy to see in the sky.

    F-104 Starfighter Model Rocket Kit

    Odd'l Rockets F-104 Starfighter Model Rocket Kit (1.9500)

    The Odd'l Rockets F-104 is a new take on the classic model rocket kit. Inspired by the jet fighter kit originally produced in the late 1970s by Centuri, the Odd'l Rockets F104 Starfighter features a clear plastic canopy and waterslide decals.


    Courier Model Rocket Kit

    Quest Aerospace Courier Model Rocket Kit (2.0000)

    We can't think of many other ways that you can send an egg sailing 400 ft into the air and return it safely (and in time for breakfast!) The specially designed nose capsule comes unpadded - requiring your students to experiment with various methods of protecting Mr. Egg. The Courier model rocket is a traditional balsa fin design and carries it's own dual parachute recovery.

    Flies with Quest B6-2, B6-4 and C6-3 rocket motors. Can also use Estes B6-2, B6-4 and C6-5 rocket motors.

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