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    Dark Zero Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Dark Zero Model Rocket Kit (2.1000)

    A couple of hours of your time and you're off to the flying field with the really cool Dark Zero from Estes! This kit is easy to build and all the parts are pre-colored so there's no need to bother with paint.

    Starship Nova Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Starship Nova Model Rocket Kit (2.1000)

    Another return of a classic. The Estes Starship Nova is back!

    Tiberius Model Rocket Kit

    FlisKits Tiberius Model Rocket Kit (2.1000)

    The FlisKits' Tiberius reflects a retro look that appeals to rocketeers far and wide. Features offered with this kit include:

    • Water slide decals
    • Laser cut fins
    • Raised panel details
    • 3D printed nose tip

    The kit includes a ping-pong ball that is used to make windows for two port holes and the decals sheet is just riddled with rivets to help with that retro look we love so much. If any kit was destined for a Steam-Punk look, the Tiberius is your ship!

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