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Weight (oz) in range 2.45...2.55

    WAC Corporal (Two Stage 18mm to 18mm) Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products WAC Corporal (Two Stage 18mm to 18mm) Model Rocket Kit (2.4700)

    This detailed model of the WAC Corporal with Tiny Tim Booster features a balsa boattail, hard balsa nose cone, and laser-cut balsa fins. Using the "Pass - Port" staging method, the standard 18mm booster fires an 18mm upper stage motor for impressive, two-stage flights. The upper stage may also be flown as a single stage model. Recommended for the advanced modeler.

    Comanche-3 Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Comanche-3 Model Rocket Kit (2.5000)

    Estes has brought back the classic Comanche-3 multi-stage rocket kit.

    Freefall Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Freefall Model Rocket Kit (2.5000)

    The Freefall is easy to assemble and includes a parachute man with his own parachute for recovery. Standard engine powered, the Freefall can reach 575 feet.

    Multi-Roc Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Multi-Roc Model Rocket Kit (2.5000)

    The Estes Multi-Roc flying model rocket kit lets you do it all. Fly it as a a single-stage, payloader, two-stage ... even release a glider at apogee.

    This parts-packed kit has everything you need to fly six different ways. Fly to 1200 feet as a dual-stage rocket or stay closer to Earth with a single-stage launch. Plug in the payload section, or boost the all-balsa glider to altitude. No other model rocket kit —gives you so many options for high-flying fun,

    Nova Model Rocket Kit

    Estes Nova Model Rocket Kit (2.5000)

    The Estes Nova is a sleek, almost-ready-to-fly model rocket. Flying on a C motor, it can reach 700 feet in altitude. Add the BT-55 Booster Accessory (sold separately) and a D12-0 booster engine and watch this rocket soar way past 1,400 feet.

    Farside-X Model Rocket Kit

    Semroc Farside-X Model Rocket Kit (2.5000)

    Estes introduced its Farside three-stage rocket in their 1964 catalog. Semroc offers the design to a new generation of flyers with their Farside-X kit. This kit includes a precision-turned nose cone, laser-cut balsa fins, waterslide decals, and a parachute for recovery.

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