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    Aerobee 100 Junior Model Rocket Kit

    Aerospace Speciality Products Aerobee 100 Junior Model Rocket Kit (9.0000)

    The Aerobee 100, or Aerobee Junior, was first flown early in 1958. This vehicle was designed by Aerojet General to be an inexpensive rocket to fly payloads of 50 - 100 pounds up to 90 miles. Most of the 20 produced used a solid-fuel booster, but two were actually sea-launched as a single-stage rocket (which makes this model eligible for NAR Scale competition).

    Aerobee rockets have long been a favorite of scale modelers. ASP's kit is 1.89" in diameter and about 2 1/2 feet tall and features through-the-wall laser-cut plywood fins (with optional balsa laminations), big balsa nose cone, pre-rounded basswood conduits, steel cable shock cord mount and water slide decal. Makes a great intro to mid-power rocketry and flies fantastic (and high!) on 29mm F and G engines!

    A parachute is not included with this kit. We recommend an 18" or 24" nylon parachute.

    This kit has an accurate scale outline, but is also a fairly easy build.

    NSL 2015 Commemorative Sky Wolf Rocket Kit

    SkyPyrates Rocketry NSL 2015 Commemorative Sky Wolf Rocket Kit (9.0000)

    The split-fin Sky Wolf is a high-performance, mid-power rocket.  Sleek and strong, with a 29mm motor mount, the Sky Wolf flies on D through H motors.

    The Sky Wolf kit features pre-cut plywood fins, heavy-duty body tubes, a Kevlar shock cord, a nylon parachute, and a vinyl decal.

    Produced to commemorate the 2015 National Sport Launch, this is a limited edition kit.

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