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Estes DARC-1 Model Rocket Kit

Estes DARC-1 Model Rocket Kit

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The Deep Atmosphere Research Craft is a one of a kind scientific vessel developed by Space Corps Science Division to explore the gas giants of the outer solar system.

Designated DARC-1, this multi-section crewed vessel is designed for entry and maneuver within the thick atmospheres of a Jupiter-type gaseous planet for study and exploration. The lifting body characteristics of the DARC-1 are ideal for atmospheric flight in dense gases and for maintaining station under turbulent conditions. At the conclusion of its research mission, the DARC-1 initiates return by igniting and subsequently discarding its aft booster section to break atmosphere and set a trajectory for its journey home.

The DARC-1 first became operational in 2052 and successfully surveyed the atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn, and several of their large moons before it was claimed in a tragic accident over Titan.

The DARC-1 flying model rocket from Estes Industries is an expert build - the most challenging build in the Space Corps fleet.


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