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Skill Level 1

FlisKits Skill Level 1 Model Rocket Kits

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FlisKits Big Honkin' Rocket

Big Honkin' Rocket

What's in a name?  FlisKit's "Big Honkin' Rocket" stands a staggering 3.26 inches tall.  This kit contains the parts to build three Big...
Our Price: $10.95

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FlisKits Bull's Eye Model Rocket Kit

Bull's Eye Model Rocket Kit

FlisKits designed the Bull's Eye as a unique kit for beginners.  With NINE fins and a large tail ring, this fat and stubby rocket is sharp...
Our Price: $22.95

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FlisKits Decaffeinator Model Rocket Kit

Decaffeinator Model Rocket Kit

The Decaffeinator is a first in the world of model rocketry. Not that this is the first foam cup rocket ever made. But it IS the first foam cup...
Our Price: $17.95

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FlisKits DooDad Model Rocket Kit

DooDad Model Rocket Kit

Featuring FlisKit's "Jig Tech" fins, the dooDad is super easy to build, low cost, and extra strong (which may be important when in the hands of...
Our Price: $12.95

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FlisKits Mudwasp Model Rocket Kit

Mudwasp Model Rocket Kit

The Mudwasp is a very easy to build Micromaxx-powered kit. The Mudwasp is stocky and wide, making it very draggy. This results in lower altitude...
Our Price: $8.55

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FlisKits Rhino Model Rocket Kit

Rhino Model Rocket Kit

FlisKits designed the Rhino as a rocket to help educators. The kit is designed to be simple to build yet teach important skills required to construct...
Our Price: $16.95

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FlisKits Thing-a-Ma-Jig Model Rocket Kit

Thing-a-Ma-Jig Model Rocket Kit

The FlisKits Thing-a-Ma-Jig kit is designed for first-time rocket builders. The kit's laser-cut fins hold themselves together while the glue dries -...
Our Price: $14.95

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FlisKits Triskelion Model Rocket Kit

Triskelion Model Rocket Kit

FlisKits's Triskelion is a terrific choice for your second rocket (or your 100th). The Triskelion features laser-cut fins which give...
Our Price: $13.95

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