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Model Rocket Parts

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Baffle Kits

Baffles reduce or eliminate the need for recovery wadding in your model rocket. Our baffle kits make it easy to add a baffle to your new rocket. Baffles are usually hard to install in an already-built rocket, so we recommend installing one when you build the rocket. Install the baffle in the rocket's body tube, near the top, but leaving enough room for the parachute, shock cord, and nose cone shoulder. The baffle can be installed in place of a coupler.

Body Tubes

Our model rocket body tubes are thin-walled, white or natural-color, kraft paper tubes coated with glassine. These are the same kinds of cardboard body tubes you find in most model rocket kits. We offer 18" tubes in standard diameters.

Centering Rings

 Centering rings center one body tube inside another - for example, a motor tube inside the body tube.


 Couplers are available to connect standard size body tubes to same-sized tubes.

Engine Hooks

Engine hooks are available in several sizes and styles.

Launch Lugs

 Launch lugs are available in standard 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" diameters.

Motor Mount Kits

Motor mount kits include centering rings, motor tubes, and, usually, engine hooks for use in your own scratch-design rockets or kit modifications.

Nose Blocks

Nose blocks are cylindrical blocks of balsa that are often used used as couplers for payload sections.

Nose Cones offers a wide assortment of balsa and plastic nose cones.


Plastic or nylon Parachutes are available in many sizes.

Shock Cords

Shock cords serve as the rocket's recovery harness - holding the parts together after the parachute or streamer ejects.


 Transitions connect body tubes of differing sizes.

Other Parts

Shop for other parts to build your own rockets from scratch or to repair or upgrade a kit-built rocket.

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