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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

We are Bracha and Roger Smith.

Bracha is a retired educator. Like Roger, she is a member of Rocketry of Orlando's Community Kids (ROCK), a model rocket club in Orlando, Florida.

Roger is a software developer. In the sixth grade, Roger was introduced to model rocketry. He built and flew rockets for a few years until other interests took precedence. But, almost twenty years later, he rediscovery rocketry. He is a member of both the National Association of Rocketry and the Tripoli Rocketry Association. In addition to model rockets, Roger also builds and flies high-power rockets. He is certified Level 2.

Who is Jon?

JonRocket was started in 2005 by John ("John" with an "H") Arthur. The graphics artist designing his company logo decided it looked better if the "H" was left out. So, the company became JonRocket. Now, that is under new management, we have decided that the Jon in JonRocket stands forJust Our Name.

Why don't you sell kits from ....?

We don't stock kits from every manufacturer or every kit from the manufacturers we do have listed. Our resources are not unlimited. Therefore, we've tried to stock the most unique and popular kits from each manufacturer. We don't think it is necessary to stock every "three fins and a nosecone" rocket available. But, if there is something you wish to purchase that isn't listed on our site, please contact us.

Why are your prices higher than other stores?.

Generally our prices are very competitive with other online retailers. Plus, we offer a fixed shipping rate for orders up to $48 and free shipping on orders over $48. And, we offer products from a variety of manufacturers. So, you save by ordering from one place and paying for shipping once (or save even more by taking advantage of the free shipping offer).

Based on our analysis of our sales and the costs of doing business, we have set our prices to be competitive in order to offer you a good deal while allowing us to remain in business and maintain the professional level of service that we feel is important.

Do you sell motors?

We offer a selection ofEstes model rocket motors. These motors may only be shipped to US addresses.

How Do I Get Startedwith Model Rocketry?

For a quick introduction to rocketry, please visit

To get started in model rocketry, you should buy and build a "Skill Level 1" rocket kit. Skill Level 1 kits are easy-to-build and fly. You can purchase a Skill Level 1 kit from us or from a local store. National chains such as WalMart, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels Craft Stores carry a limited choice of model rocket kits and motors.

If you plan to fly the rockets on your own, you should buy a launch set. A launch set usually includes a rocket kit, a launch pad, and a launch controller. You will need to purchase batteries, model rocket motors, and recovery wadding separately.

To build your rocket, you'll need a few supplies and tools such as white glue, a sharp pencil, a razor knife, scissors, and sandpaper. Most kits also require paint to finish the model. If you're under 13 years old, you'll also need help from an adult.

The instructions included with the rocket will guide you through the steps to build and finish your rocket. Read through the instructions once before you start so that you have an idea of what's next when start building. Prepare a comfortable work area with good lighting. Use a piece of cardboard as a work surface so you don't damage your table or desk. After you've completed the kit, paint it outside and let it dry before handling it.

To fly your rocket, you will need an open area large enough for you to be able to safely recover the rocket and not lose it. You'll need a launch pad and a launch controller with batteries. You'll also need a few rocket motors. You can purchase rocket motors locally from most WalMart and Michaels stores. Start with the motor recommended for the "first flight" in your kit's instructions.

The best time and place to fly your rocket is with a local club. Not only will the club provide a good place to launch, they have launch pads and controllers. In addition to launching your rocket, you'll be able to see many other rockets fly. And you will be able to get help from experienced rocketeers. To find a club in your area, search the Rocketry Clubs database at

Once you've built and flown your first rocket, come back to Choose your next rocket from our large selection of kits from Estes, ASP, Odd'l Rockets, RSR and other companies.

Why are your shipping charges to Canada so high?

The amount we charge for shipping to Canada is the actual cost we pay to ship a typical order to Canada. We do not make a profit off the shipping charge.

We ship most packages to Canada using USPS Priority Mail International. This is a fairly quick and very reliable method of shipping. It also has the benefit of avoiding the customs brokerage fees that UPS, Fedex, and other carriers would charge you. These brokerage fees are very high and may exceed the total amount we charge for shipping. You will still, of course, be responsible for any customs fees that your country charges.

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