Shopping at a Launch TrailerLook for the trailer at local launches in Central Florida.

On-site at launches, we sell a large selection of model rocket motors as well as many of the other supplies and accessories you may need for the launch. The items we normally stock include:

  • Model Rocket Motors (up to G total impulse)
  • Igniters
  • Recovery Wadding
  • Parachute Protectors
  • Parachutes (from 6 to 120″ in diameter)
  • Streamers
  • Streamers
  • E-Matches
  • Ejection Charge Refills
  • Ejection Charge Cannisters
  • O-Rings
  • Motor Adapters
  • Launch Lugs and Rail Buttons
  • Adhesives and Tape
  • Batteries

For convenience, we normally keep most things that we sell in the trailer, so please feel free to ask Bracha or I for whatever you need at a launch.

To make it a little easier for you to see what we have available on-site, you can visit the Mobile Web Site on your smart phone or tablet. The mobile web site allows you to browse the selection of items that we have available at launches.

In addition to the items listed on the Mobile Web Site, we usually also bring a small selection of rocketry kits, parts, toys, and other items which we display on tables under our shade canopy. If there is anything from our on-line catalog that you would like for us to bring to a launch, please let us know.

We usually attend each ROCK launch in Oviedo, Florida, on the first Saturday of the month.  We try to attend the NEFAR launch on the second Saturday.  We occasionally attend the TTRA or SRA launch on the third Saturday.

We accept cash and credit cards for your on-site purchases.

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