NEFAR Half-Blast – April 22 and 23, 2017

We’ll be at the NEFAR launch this weekend, April 22 and 23, in Bunnell, Florida. The “Half-Blast” is a two-day TRA Research Launch. Normally NEFAR’s launches are held the second Saturday of each month. Due to conflicts with other events, however, this month’s launch date has been moved.

We will have a selection of rocket kits as well as supplies and accessories including motors. In addition to Estes and Aerotech model rocket motors, we have some of Aerotech’s high-power DMS (single-use) motors for sale.



Orlando Sentinel Article About Our Local Launch

sentinel-253x300We try to attend each of ROCK’s monthly launches in Oviedo, Florida. At this month’s launch was a reporter, Caitlin Dineen, from the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. She interviewed several of the launch participants including our club’s president, Brian Coyle.

Jordan Krumbine, the Sentinel photographer, took photos of people prepping rockets for flight, launching rockets, and watching the flights.  Carl Campbell, of Real Space Rockets is featured in one of the photographs.

Later the same day, Dineen’s artice, titled “Rocket Enthusiasts Find Great Heights,”  appeared in the Space News section of the Sentinel’s web site. The article includes a gallery of the photographs taken by Krumbine.

Local Launches this Summer

ROCK LaunchROCK holds launches on the first Saturday of each month.  This July, the first Saturday is July 4.  Because of the holiday, ROCK is skipping their July launch.  The next ROCK launch will be August 1.

The next NEFAR launch is Saturday, July 11.  We will be at the launch, but don’t expect to have our trailer with us.  So, if there are any items you think you will need, please Contact Us and we’ll try to bring them.


Shopping at a Launch TrailerLook for the trailer at local launches in Central Florida.

On-site at launches, we sell a large selection of model rocket motors as well as many of the other supplies and accessories you may need for the launch. The items we normally stock include:

  • Model Rocket Motors (up to G total impulse)
  • Igniters
  • Recovery Wadding
  • Parachute Protectors
  • Parachutes (from 6 to 120″ in diameter)
  • Streamers
  • Streamers
  • E-Matches
  • Ejection Charge Refills
  • Ejection Charge Cannisters
  • O-Rings
  • Motor Adapters
  • Launch Lugs and Rail Buttons
  • Adhesives and Tape
  • Batteries

For convenience, we normally keep most things that we sell in the trailer, so please feel free to ask Bracha or I for whatever you need at a launch.

To make it a little easier for you to see what we have available on-site, you can visit the Mobile Web Site on your smart phone or tablet. The mobile web site allows you to browse the selection of items that we have available at launches.

In addition to the items listed on the Mobile Web Site, we usually also bring a small selection of rocketry kits, parts, toys, and other items which we display on tables under our shade canopy. If there is anything from our on-line catalog that you would like for us to bring to a launch, please let us know.

We usually attend each ROCK launch in Oviedo, Florida, on the first Saturday of the month.  We try to attend the NEFAR launch on the second Saturday.  We occasionally attend the TTRA or SRA launch on the third Saturday.

We accept cash and credit cards for your on-site purchases.

New Catalog Photos

At yesterday’s NEFAR rocket launch, Mike Orpi allowed me to photograph some of his rockets for use in our online catalog.  He showed me several of FlisKits’s models that he had built. Mike’s obviously a fan of Flis’s design and has done a great job building these challenging kits.

Mike Orpi's Dead Ringer and HEMV-4

You can see more photos of Mike’s rockets in the July 2013 NEFAR Launch photo album at

We Will Be At ROCK’s March Launch

We’re planning to attend ROCK’s March launch on March 2 in Oviedo, Florida.  Look for for the trailer and stop by to say “hello!” to Roger, Bracha … and Oscar. 

We stock a supply of Estes model rocket motors (including the new composite F and G motors).  We also have some Aerotech motors and many of the supplies you might need such as igniters, recovery wadding, glue, and tape.

Upcoming Central Florida Rocket Launches

We plan to be at the February ROCK and NEFAR launches, but we will not make it to the TTRA launch.

The Rocketry of Orlando’s Community Kids (ROCK) launch will be held Saturday, February 2, at the Barr Street entrance to the Little Econ State Forest in Oviedo, Florida [directions]. 

The Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) launch will be held on Saturday, February 9, in Bunnell near Daytona Beach [directions].

The Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association (TTRA) launch will be held on Saturday, February 16, in Plant City between Orlando and Tampa [directions].

We Will Be at NEFAR Bunnell Blast, November 10 & 11, 2012 plans to attend the Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) launch this coming weekend. This is the annual, two-day “Bunnell Blast” launch which usually attracts more fliers and more interesting rockets.

Currently the weather forecast calls for Saturday to be cool and clear with light winds. Sunday should be a bit warmer and windier.

In addition to the model rocket motors, igniters, parachutes, and other supplies we usually bring to sell at launches, we will have a number of kits, from small model rockets to large, high-power ones.  Don’t forget that we accept credit cards on-site!

I’ll be flying my “YouBee” rocket.  It’s a 12-foot tall upscale of the Odd’l Rockets Breakaway kit which we sell. The original Breakway flies on 18mm A, B, or C motors. The YouBee will use a 54mm diameter, composite K motor to travel to about 2500′ in altitude. As it reaches apogee, an onboard electronic altimeter will fire an ejection charge splitting the rocket into five sections, connected with four 15′ long tubular nylon shock cords. The rocket will descend, “Wacky Wiggler” style, until it reaches about 700′ in altitude at which time, the altimeter will fire a second ejection charge which will deploy a large parachute to gently lower the rocket to earth.

We’re also planning to use a K motor to power our Big Daddy Akavish.  But, the furry four-foot tall rocket will only reach about 600′ in altitude before it deploys its parachute.

October ROCK Launch Scrubbed

The October ROCK launch has been scrubbed.  I visited the field this afternoon and it had standing water and was muddy in places.  That might have been okay, but it was still raining while I was there and has continued to rain.  So, the chances are that the field will be much too wet tomorrow for a launch.  After I informed Brian, the ROCK president, about the field conditions, he decided to scrub the launch.