2012 Holiday Sale (11/22 through 11/29)

Each year kicks off the holiday season with a special sale. This year, the Holiday Sale begins on Thanksgiving, November 22, and runs through November 29.

During the sale, almost everything listed on our web site will be on sale at discounts of up to 30% off our already discounted prices. Plus you benefit from our everyday low shipping charges.

The sale prices will go into effect in the early morning hours on Thanksgiving and will be updated periodically during the sale. Shop early for the best savings!

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We Will Be at NEFAR Bunnell Blast, November 10 & 11, 2012 plans to attend the Northeast Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR) launch this coming weekend. This is the annual, two-day “Bunnell Blast” launch which usually attracts more fliers and more interesting rockets.

Currently the weather forecast calls for Saturday to be cool and clear with light winds. Sunday should be a bit warmer and windier.

In addition to the model rocket motors, igniters, parachutes, and other supplies we usually bring to sell at launches, we will have a number of kits, from small model rockets to large, high-power ones.  Don’t forget that we accept credit cards on-site!

I’ll be flying my “YouBee” rocket.  It’s a 12-foot tall upscale of the Odd’l Rockets Breakaway kit which we sell. The original Breakway flies on 18mm A, B, or C motors. The YouBee will use a 54mm diameter, composite K motor to travel to about 2500′ in altitude. As it reaches apogee, an onboard electronic altimeter will fire an ejection charge splitting the rocket into five sections, connected with four 15′ long tubular nylon shock cords. The rocket will descend, “Wacky Wiggler” style, until it reaches about 700′ in altitude at which time, the altimeter will fire a second ejection charge which will deploy a large parachute to gently lower the rocket to earth.

We’re also planning to use a K motor to power our Big Daddy Akavish.  But, the furry four-foot tall rocket will only reach about 600′ in altitude before it deploys its parachute.