Semroc Update

SemrocCarl McLawhorn started Semroc Astronautics in 1967 in his college dorm room.  Today Semroc manufactures many of the model rocket kits we sell including replicas of classic designs from Estes Rockets, Centuri, and others. Carl died earlier this year, but his wife Sheryl, and son Bruce, along with other members of the family, continue to operate the company to the high standard set by Carl.

Unfortunately, the McLawhorn family has once again been hit by tragedy as Bruce is in the hospital in serious condition. His prognosis for recovery is good and we wish him a speedy recovery.

In the mean time, Semroc’s web site is off-line due to an issue with the domain name registration. The problem should be resolved soon.

In order not to burden the family during this time, we are not placing any restock orders with Semroc. But, we have every reason to believe that Bruce will be okay and that Sheryl and Semroc will be back as strong as ever.

If you wish to make a contribution to help Bruce and his family with their medical bills and other expenses, you may send a donation through PayPal to Semroc’s email address, Sheryl will forward the money to the family’s church which is administering a fund to support Bruce’s family.