Semroc Update

SemrocCarl McLawhorn started Semroc Astronautics in 1967 in his college dorm room.  Today Semroc manufactures many of the model rocket kits we sell including replicas of classic designs from Estes Rockets, Centuri, and others. Carl died earlier this year, but his wife Sheryl, and son Bruce, along with other members of the family, continue to operate the company to the high standard set by Carl.

Unfortunately, the McLawhorn family has once again been hit by tragedy as Bruce is in the hospital in serious condition. His prognosis for recovery is good and we wish him a speedy recovery.

In the mean time, Semroc’s web site is off-line due to an issue with the domain name registration. The problem should be resolved soon.

In order not to burden the family during this time, we are not placing any restock orders with Semroc. But, we have every reason to believe that Bruce will be okay and that Sheryl and Semroc will be back as strong as ever.

If you wish to make a contribution to help Bruce and his family with their medical bills and other expenses, you may send a donation through PayPal to Semroc’s email address, Sheryl will forward the money to the family’s church which is administering a fund to support Bruce’s family.

Our Deepest Condolences to the Friends and Family of Carl McLawhorn

It’s with great sadness that we learned today of the passing of Carl McLawhorn.

Carl founded Semroc Astronautics Corporation in his college dorm at North Carolina State University in November of 1967. Semroc produced a line of model rocket kits and motors. Quickly growing to a company with twenty-five full-time employees working at two facilities, Semroc faced some fiscal challenges and, in early 1971, the company became insolvent and closed its doors.

A little over three decades later, Semroc returned. Reincorporated on April 2, 2002, SemrocSemroc currently produces a large line of quality model rocket kits including many reproductions of the classic kits of the 1960s and 1970s.

We never met Carl in person, but, through all of our dealings with Semroc, we always found him, and his wife, Sheryl, to be friendly, courteous, and professional.  Carl contributed much to the model rocketry hobby and will be sorely missed.

— Roger and Bracha


New Products Added to Our Catalog

We’ve added a number of new products to our online catalog just in time for Spring building!

Semroc Starship ExcaliburSemroc has introduced the Starship Excalibur.  Based on “Estes Kit Plan #55,” the Excalibur kit models is a retro-futuristic space ship.

We’ve also add two other new kits from Semroc. The Centurion-F is a larger model rocket which flies on 29mm motors and the Maxi-Micron is an upscale of the classic Centuri beginner’s kit. 

From Estes, we’ve add the new Astron Sprint-XL. An upscale of the classic Astron Sprint designed by Mike Dorffler, the XL features ellipitical fins and a sleek boat tail.

Estes Astron XL

Other additions to our catalog include the Mini Fat Boy and more parachutes from Top Flight Recovery.


Rockets for Halloween

Celebrate Halloween by building and flying these spooky selections from the catalog.

Rocketarium’s recently released WitchCraft model rocket kit features a detailed pre-cut fins representing a witch flying on a broomstick.

Semroc’s Goblin model rocket kit recreates the popular Estes D-powered kit.  It includes waterslide decals of bats and goblins.

New Products Added

In the past few days, we’ve added many new products to the online catalog and we are planning to add more in the days to come. 

We’ve added a number of exciting products from Estes including the mid-power Leviathan Pro Series II Model Rocket Kit. Recently added products from Semroc include the Wac Corporal Scale Model Rocket KitRocketarium has supplied us with some new scale model kits as well as a few new odd-rocs.

Visit the New Products at page to see the complete list of the recently added products.

Semroc Starship Vega

The Starship Vega made its debut in the 1973 Estes catalog. It’s futuristic design made it an instant hit.

Assembled, the rocket is about 20-inches tall and just under an inch in diameter. Semroc’s kit features a quality balsa nose cone, laser-cut fins, and waterslide decals. The Skill Level 3 model is recovered by parachute.

Semroc has recaptured the magic of the classic kit from the 1970s.  It is now available for purchase at