Parasite Gliders

Guillow Delta DartWhen I was young, my favorite rocket was the Estes Omega.  I had saved for weeks to purchase the Omega and the Cineroc movie camera payload for it.  I flew the Omega only once with the movie camera. But, I flew it many more times without the camera.

At the time, it seemed like a really big rocket. And it flew using really big (and scary and expensive) D motors.  Although it was a two-stage kit, I always flew it as a single stage rocket.  After all, two D motors were even scarier (and more expensive).

For some of the later flights of the Omega, I attached two small gliders to the rocket. The little foam gliders would separate and glide back to earth as the rocket came down under its parachute.

The little foam gliders I used back then were delta shaped, looking sort of like the Space Shuttle’s orbiter which was still just a design on the drawing board at the time. Manufactured by Guillow, the gliders cost 25 cents each.

The gliders were designed to be hand-launched or launched with a rubber band. But, I stuck a small dowel into the foam hook on the bottom of the front of the glider. Then I cut a small section out of a launch lug.  I glued the launch lug section onto the rocket’s body tube centered between two fins and just high enough above the fins so that the glider would hang on the lug with the back of its wing resting on the fins.

After I placed the rocket on the launch pad, I’d hang the glider on the launch lug segment.  At apogee, the glider would fall off and glide down on its own.  The Omega’s mighty D engine was powerful enough to allow the rocket to carry two parasite gliders at once.

We recently added Guillow’s Delta Dart gliders to our online catalog. These are almost the same as the gliders I used so many years ago.  The are are a little lighter than the ones I remember.  And they cost a little more than 25 cents each. But, they work just as well as parasite gliders.


Shopping at a Launch TrailerLook for the trailer at local launches in Central Florida.

On-site at launches, we sell a large selection of model rocket motors as well as many of the other supplies and accessories you may need for the launch. The items we normally stock include:

  • Model Rocket Motors (up to G total impulse)
  • Igniters
  • Recovery Wadding
  • Parachute Protectors
  • Parachutes (from 6 to 120″ in diameter)
  • Streamers
  • Streamers
  • E-Matches
  • Ejection Charge Refills
  • Ejection Charge Cannisters
  • O-Rings
  • Motor Adapters
  • Launch Lugs and Rail Buttons
  • Adhesives and Tape
  • Batteries

For convenience, we normally keep most things that we sell in the trailer, so please feel free to ask Bracha or I for whatever you need at a launch.

To make it a little easier for you to see what we have available on-site, you can visit the Mobile Web Site on your smart phone or tablet. The mobile web site allows you to browse the selection of items that we have available at launches.

In addition to the items listed on the Mobile Web Site, we usually also bring a small selection of rocketry kits, parts, toys, and other items which we display on tables under our shade canopy. If there is anything from our on-line catalog that you would like for us to bring to a launch, please let us know.

We usually attend each ROCK launch in Oviedo, Florida, on the first Saturday of the month.  We try to attend the NEFAR launch on the second Saturday.  We occasionally attend the TTRA or SRA launch on the third Saturday.

We accept cash and credit cards for your on-site purchases.

Quest Water Rockets

We recently Quest Water Rocketsadded Quest’s Water Rocket kits to our catalog. We didn’t sell them in the past because we thought they were just cheap toys.

But, a few weeks ago we watched our grandson and his friends play with a set and we were impressed. The water rocket sets are well designed and constructed. And kids love them.

We found that you do have to be careful. Follow the directions to the letter and you’ll be safe and have fun.  Specifically, make sure that you use the included stake to hold the launch pad to the ground so that it doesn’t tip over when the rocket is launched. Make sure that the nut and bolt on the top of the pad are tight.  And, before each launch, ensure that the string is threaded through the hook near the bottom of the launch pad.


OOP Quest X-30 Aerospace Plane Kits in Stock

Quest X-30 Aerospace PlaneOne of the newest additions to our online catalog is the Quest X-30 Aerospace Plane flying model rocket kit. Although new to our catalog, the X-30 kit has been out of production for several years. We were fortunate to have acquired a number of these vintage kits which are now for sale at

Chris Michielssen built the X-30 shown in the photograph. He describes building and finishing the kit in a series of articles in his Model Rocket Building Blog. Chris illustrates his blog posts with step-by-step photographs of the construction of the kit.

Assembled, the X-30 is a little over 17″ long. It flies on a C6-3 motor and is recovered using two 12″ parachutes. An Estes C6-3 is probably better-suited for this draggy model than a Quest C6-3. And, you may wish to replace the two small parachutes with a single 18″ parachute. A single parachute is easier to fit in the rocket and less likely to tangle on deployment.

While it is challenging to build, and can be a finicky flier, the Quest X-30 kit will make a unique addition to your rocketry fleet. Reward Points Program

RewardsWe are thrilled to announce our new Rewards Points program.

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