Dr. Zooch Space Launch System (SLS)

NASA’s proposed follow-on to the Space Shuttle program is called the Space Launch System (SLS). At the heart of the SLS is a large booster rocket. Based on NASA artist conceptions, Dr. Zooch has produced a flying model rocket kit of the proposed SLS booster.

I took the attached photo at the Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association Launch a few weeks ago. It captures the lift-off of a Dr. Zooch SLS kit built by Chris Michielssen.  As explained in a series of posts to his excellent Model Rocket Building Blog, Chris modified the kit a little by adding a few home-made decals and changing the position of the Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB)s.

Note the “flame fins” which attach to the rocket for flight to ensure that the rocket is stable.  Chris has painted them to resemble the flames from SRBs. Chris describes how he builds and paints flame fins in his blog.

The Dr. Zooch SLS kit is available from JonRocket.com.

Semroc Starship Vega

The Starship Vega made its debut in the 1973 Estes catalog. It’s futuristic design made it an instant hit.

Assembled, the rocket is about 20-inches tall and just under an inch in diameter. Semroc’s kit features a quality balsa nose cone, laser-cut fins, and waterslide decals. The Skill Level 3 model is recovered by parachute.

Semroc has recaptured the magic of the classic kit from the 1970s.  It is now available for purchase at JonRocket.com.